The Secret How to Get Clients That You Already Lost

I recently lost a prospect to my competition, but got them right back, Here’s how you can recover most of those you lose.  It’ll work for you too
Just imagine what would happen if you got many of those you lose to come running back with this simple little concept..
Several weeks ago I got a call from one of the major trade associations right here in Kansas City about doing a customer service training program for them. They had found my website and thought they needed some help for their own internal customer service team in handling incoming calls from members of their trade association.
After some discussion and giving them a proposal, one of the large national training companies won the contract. I’ve watched them, and since this recession started they’ve lowered and lowered their fees, and have even cut back on how many public workshops they offer yearly. It’s obvious they are hurting. I’m also aware that they low ball everything to get the job.
It was for a full day customer service training program to about 60 people. I knew who my competition was so I had already given a pretty fair price mainly because I figured that this was an opportunity to be the primary trainer and consultant for this large organization. And that would very likely lead to working with many of their members (over 8,000 of them).
I wasn’t looking at it as a chance to make money on this first session. I’d have even done it for free, looking at it as a marketing activity because I KNOW that it would lead to a significant number of clients.
In any case, I still lost out to them. They bid a whole day for 60 people at only $75 for the day.
Getting Clients Even From Those Who Already Went with the Competition
However, that wasn’t my real point here. the real point was about using every opportunity to find ways to help people, even when they went with the competition. It’ll change the WHOLE picture.
The VP I had talked to told me that my proposal had definitely caught her attention and she loved some of the ways they could handle customer service issues.
I asked if she’d like to receive the weekly emails on handling difficult customer service issues, and she said yes. She’s been receiving those for a couple of months now. So I didn’t do like most coaches, trainers, and consultants do and walk away saying, “Darn. Missed that one.” The more people you offer to help the more clients you’ll get. And, in this situation, the more people you offer to help, even after they say they are working with the competition, the more likely it is that they will switch directions and come back.
I waited long enough that they had completed the competition’s customer service program, and about a week ago gave her a call to ask, “How’s it going since completing the _______ [competition name left out) program?”
Here’s what she said.
Well, the customer service program was pretty good, at least they made it kind of fun which was what we wanted. But they didn’t deal with our specific issues like you said you would in your proposal. And I think that was the reason that our staff wasn’t able to use what they learned in real life examples.
 [There’s an opportunity. But don’t jump on it with a sales pitch. Look for an opportunity to help.}
 She continued, “In fact, I’ve passed your email around to our members and they are using some of your examples with their incoming callers and it’s working for them.
Notice something here?
A call to check “how are they doing” even though I had lost the original bid opened a door that most coaches/consultants/trainers would have assumed had been slammed in their face.
In this instance, the door opened again, but, again, how many coaches/consultrants/trainers would hear this statement, and think, “Looks like they’ve got their problem resolved now. Even though this situation changed a bit back towad them, it still looks as if they are happy with the results they got from my newsletter. They don’t need me any more.
But, it’s still goes back to “How can I help” and “finding enough people to help and you’ll have everything you ever wanted out of life.”
This VP told me that the training program that they got from someone else didn’t really solve their problem, but the newsletter that I had offered to send anyway had solved their problem.
So, when I asked if they’d like to do another training program to build further on what was working with the newsletter, BINGO. We are scheduled for several whole day sessions in January, this time they want to pay. It’s not a freebie.
And then when I asked her if she’d partner with me to do another program, this time offering it to their whole membership of 8,000 she said yes.
I can’t tell you how important the whole concept of “finding enough people to help” and being there to help no matter what, showing concern that they truly get what they want, even when they hire someone else.
A simple call after any event, yours, or your competitors, to ask “How’s it going?” can open, or reopen doors. it’s “being there to help them” no matter what.
The difference between calling to make a sale and calling to offer to help them in some way is the difference between night and day when it comes to your results.
How many times do you call someone back when you lost a sale? Was that an opportunity lost?
How many more clients would you have today just by changing that way of looking at things?
Alan Boyer
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