How to Get Lots of Clients with a Newsletter

There were some questions asked about whether a newsletters is still a good way to get new business in a comment to an earlier blog post about emails. So, here’s some ways to use your newsletters to grow your business.

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to do emails that didn’t work at all. For two years I

  • Bought email content from a service — can work, but the way it was done just wasn’t working.
  • Sent almost 10,000 emails a month — but didn’t get even one call or contact from it.  Don’t ever send out an email without expecting some specific measurable outcome. I expect 30-40% open rates (30-40% of the emails get opened, and I can show you ways to double that, which will double your sales). I also expect 20%+ click thru rates, people at least clicking thru to your next level that you want them to do, OR calling you, OR signing up for something. ACTION is necessary, and knowing what percentage should act is important for you to be able to manage results higher.

As time progressed without any responses, and as I hired coaches to help me learn, gradually I changed the content and structure and the number of responses went up and up. The aha moment hit me.

First, your emails and newsletter should be a part of your overall marketing funnel. You should have a well defined marketing funnel where you lead your readers through a series of steps that help them get to know you, like you, and trust you. Those are the requirements for someone to buy from you.

But, frankly, I’d add one more thing to that. Besides them just getting to know you, like you, and trust you . . . I want them EXCITED about knowing you and what you’ve done for them . . . which leads to them BEGGING for your rare time slot. There is a difference between someone “just interested”, a tire kicker  and someone who’s chasing after you and begging for your time. That happens when they get so excited about what you’ve already provided to them, and THEY WANT MORE.

So, your newsletter becomes just one step in that process of getting to know you, like you, trust you . . . and generating excitement for them.

A marketing funnel starts with either a freebie (or something low cost) where they get a chance to EXPERIENCE the results you provide.

A first step can be an article on an ezine, a posting in your blog, a teleseminar, or possbly catching a speech you gave at a local event, or a free initial workshop. All of those are free, or nearly so, and an opportunity for them to get some help with something they DESPARATELY need.

Each step down into the funnel will provide even more value than the last, and it will likely cost just a little more. If the value you deliver at each level is much more than the minimal cost, then people will flock to the next level and the next level until, at the final step of your funnel they are buying that ultimate service, product . . . and their targeted result.

It’s easy for them to take the next step if they received value, lots of it, from the last step. The expense goes away in their mind when they have experienced something so exciting that they just have to have more. They will step down through your marketing funnel until they finally get that ultimate result . . . and your ultimate sale.

So, a news letter usually is one of those steps, probably a 2nd or 3rd step. Actually you could have more than one, a freebie that leads to a newsletter with LOTS more value that has a little more cost.

Actually the format of a newsletter can also be different. A weekly email can be considered a newsletter of sorts. Or the more traditional newsletter with many articles can be an electronic version (again as content of an email, or an attachment), or it can be a physically printed version that is snail mailed. However, in today’s world electronic versions are easier and cheaper to provide, and might even be expected by your customers.

But, now, let’s look at the content of that newsletter to make it work even better.

You MUST know what your expected outcome will be. Yes, you are here to provide VALUABLE information or no one would sign up for it. But, that ultimate outcome for you, the provider of the newsletter, should be whatever that next step in your marketing funnel is.

It could be an ebook sale, a mastermind group sale (for your coaches looking for more business), or even a “free one-on-one session with you” to help them with something (which is a step down your marketing funnel). It could be a signup for something else which is another step down in your marketing funnel.

You MUST know what the outcome is to be, or your newsletter will drift and forget that outcome.

I use a formula, AIDA, to create both my marketing, my website, printed materials, AND my articles and my newsletters. AIDA stands for

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Call to Action

If you want the newsletter to be read, it must have a title that GRABS Attention. It’s the title, or what’s at the top that gets it read or gets it thrown in the first 3 seconds even if someone signed up for it.

You might want to read “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” to learn how to do all of that.

Then comes Interest where you give them the information they were looking for. But let me give you a hint here. Give them enough to be valuable, but always leave them wanting more, and make sure in your text that you tell them how much more is out there.

Then comes the Desire part. After giving them the interest part, tell them a story about a client of yours who did just that and make sure to tell them THE VALUE they got, making it MEASURABLE. It might look something like this:

John, a carpet cleaner, who was in one of my mastermind groups, did that, wrote his marketing message that way, used it in a pay per click campaign, and within 3 days was on track to making an additional $60,000 a year.

That’s what the Desire part should look like. it should be mouth wateringly tempting, it should be EXCITING. So much so that now they’ve GOT to HAVE what you sell.

But, the last thing is Call to Action. No matter how well you did all the rest, if you don’t tell them what to do and how to do it, no one will do it. That’s one of the huge mistakes I made with my first newsletter. It went out for two years without anyone ever calling, even though they said they had seen it and loved it when I’d run into a reader somewhere.

Now, my target is: $1 per list member per month, and approx. 20% of them buying something that’s the next step in my marketing funnel. I EARN that right by giving them LOTS OF VALUE in the newsletter, but then I’ve got to ASK for the next step.

By the way, asking the right way is also a skill, a technique. It’s not “do you want to buy this” or even “buy XYZ for $X now.” A better approach is always be in the “helping” mode. So a good approach is, “If what you learned here was any value at all, then would you like to have more? Call me [or email me] at xxx-xxx-xxxx. But be sure to do it NOW as I only have 2 slots left this week.)

Of course, laying it out for much clearer EYE-CATCHING,  jump-off-the-page type of call to action works well.

If you’d like to take your newsletter to the next level read:

30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You

To Your Success

Alan Boyer

The $100K Small Business Coach

Shortcut to your first (or 2nd) $100K within a couple of months

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