Time Management Training

Time Management Training – Kansas City

We focus the results on your target after we have had an initial discussion, frequently we see a 50-200% increase in output efficiencies through dealing with 3 separate parts of time management. Also see Time Management brochure I have attached with more information.

1) Time Management Skills

Knowing how to manage efficiently and effectively no matter what the business or process.

We believe that “knowing effective time management skills” is much more important than knowing the details of the technical or office process, as we can show anyone how to be more efficient once we set down with them. They know the technical issues, we know how to teach them to manage those skills and TOGETHER we’ll make this very successful.

In over 75 projects at Sprint they saved between $10M to $100M/project.

2) Obstacles built between our ears

This becomes the biggest obstacle as many are continuing to do what they’ve been doing, and more often than not “between their ears” they are saying that “this is the best way to do it, so I’ve got to keep doing it, just harder.”

We’ll show them how to break down that obstacle and find an even more efficient path.

3) We are also Lean management specialists and bring Lean management methods to the table (this is a major breakthrough added to time management skills) which can frequently double the output or more.

Lean guidelines tell us that 95% of all processes, even good ones, are inefficient and waste. That says that we SHOULD be able to put all of our resources into the RIGHT 5% and increase our outputs 20 times. That’s Ideal, not reality, but it does point out that achieving 50%-200% is relatively easy.

As a result of this time management process you will be able to determine that each remaining day in your life will be invested in those activities which will return the personal and professional rewards that you desire. This process will help you overcome procrastination, help you effectively prioritize, and help you invest your time wisely.

Time Management Brochure
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Key Areas — Time Management Training:
• Getting Organized
• The Importance of Meaning
• The Three D’s
• Goal Setting
• Investing Your Time
• Reacting vs. Acting
• Stress Management
• Procrastination
• Planning and Priorities
• Attitude Development
• Learning to Say No

2 Responses to Time Management Training

  • Raymond Louvier says:

    oo often, managers do all the talking in a feedback situation, something I like to call the dreaded Manager’s Monologue – and that is guaranteed to cause trouble. It is vital to engage the employee in open dialogue; to seek to understand their thought processes and reasons. If you don’t listen to them, you may not get a clear understanding as to why the employee is behaving in this manner (do they lack skills, knowledge, etc). You will also increase the likelihood that they will not listen to you.’

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  • Charley Boursaw says:

    Due to a TIMELY reporting system many companies take care of reaching the desired commercial development. However, a regular analysis of expenses or the annual reports are not enough to control a business today. In the today’s dynamic markets these evaluations are too statical, too much oriented on the past commercial development, which had been achieved. Also cost accounting only shows what has happened in the past. The actual direction in which a business is running could not be seen. ^

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