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Parents of Teens
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The Secrets to Teen Success


That lead to Super Success for the Rest of Their Lives


This is one of THE GREATEST Things You Could EVER Do for your Teen.

We Take Teens by the Hand and Show Them How To Be Leaders of Others and Super Successful in Their Own Lives.



The Secrets that catapult Teenagers to Super Successful Young Adults no matter where they startedAnd keeps them there for the rest of their lives No matter where they may be today:

  • Complacent/plagued with “unsolvable” problems
  • performing well, but needing a nudge
  • Already a leader, but could be better
For Teens Not Living Up to Their Potential

For High Achieving Teens

  • Graduation rates up 70%/College enrollment up 70%
  • Became leaders in school/community
  • 40% grade point increase
  • Driven to become highly successful, achieving things we, as parents had given up hoping for.
  • 56% decrease in disciplinary problems and truancy
  • Developed skills to get top jobs and become successful at those jobs
  • Driven to higher levels of success in business and life than we, as parents, ever thought possible for them
  • Became leaders in school, college, business
  • Have a life plan based on their new values
  • Focused on values for decision making, such as mate, jobs, friends, business, etc.


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Turn Your Teen into a High Performance Leader

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