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 We’ve discovered that there is more to websites than going to your localsoftware  expert.

 If your websiteSEO-Kansas-City isn’t bringing traffic, and that traffic isn’t being COMPELLED to do what you want them to do, then it still falls flat . . . no matter how pretty it may look.

We’ve discovered that most websites fail on 3 out of 3 of the three variables that most website owners wanted when you bought your website. in fact over 90% of all websites don’t get any new customers even when you bought it for that reason.

Your bottom line was that you wanted LOTS more customers, but, without the other two variables . . . traffic IN, and the website CONVERTING those into customers it just won’t happen for you.

In fact, ask yourself “how much traffic are you getting”, and when you look to see that there are thousands, or maybe 10’s of thousands looking for you, you are way off on the traffic you SHOULD have.

Then ask yourself am I getting 5% or more of those landing there actually doing what you wanted them to do? Keep in mind that if there were 1,000 people on the site and you got 5% that would be 50 people a month. If you SHOULD be getting 10,000 then that would be 500. Are you even close to that?

Ask us to show you how to get your hands around those figures. We’ll help you do that . . . no charge.. Then we can decide where to go from there.

Internet marketing is the WHOLE picture of managing a website to get results, not just “turning a website on”. Web developers typically “turn it on” but aren’t concerned about your traffic, or whether that traffic converts. Internet marketing is what we help you do . . . get the number of new clients you want, and that is possible when there are thousands looking for you. Internet marketing is the next step after turning on your website. It’s the part that DELIVERS results.

I’m not kidding. Call, and simply ask. We’ll help you evaluate where you are, what to do about it, and, how many SHOULD be falling into your lap. Call 816-415-8878, or email me,

For most of you when you hired that software expert what you expected was MORE CUSTOMERS, but what you got was just software that runs on the web.Your internet billboard is ON, but not visible to the world, nor is it pulling customers in.

We’ve turned this into a simple formula. We’ll evaluate your current website for both traffic and conversion, and show you how to do it.

There are usually thousands of people looking for what you do, and if you aren’t capturing between 5% and 10% of those you are missing out. Check out the E-book on the right to see how easy it is on the
internet. If you’d like to have a personal evaluation of your website


We’ve been a business development and marketing consulting firm for some time. And when we develop a business plan we typically ask a company how many new leads or customers do they get from their current website. The answer 99% of the time has been zero, or at least VERY low.We believe that website or internet marketing is a whole lot like building the rest of your business, you can develop a plan that will deliver exactly the number of customers you want. Ask us, we’ll gladly show you. As a matter of fact we have partnered with several web developers to take their business to the next level.Whenever you hire an SEO firm, Search Engine Optimization firm, , marketing firm, or sales organization to help you out, always ask:

    • What are the typical measurable results?

If they won’t tell you, run.

If they use the typical answer,

  • “Everyone is different, so we can’t give you those numbers,” ask them for an average or something. Someone that can’t give you typical results either doesn’t know them,
    was never focused on that as a delivery to you, or doesn’t want to tell you.
  • So, ask. Those that can give them to you are more likely to be focused on
    delivering those results to you aren’t they? In fact, because we do measure your
    results, we frequently find ways to get better at doing what we’re doing. Do you
    think that someone who isn’t measuring is getting better at delivering your

We do. Just ask us what our results are. We currently manage many websites with a top position, and many on page one. Those that are not currently on page one are certainly moving that way as we speak.

Our Current results. We’ll hold our results up against anyone.

Position 1 on Page 1 120
Page 1 more than 200

How many calls do you get from your website every month? 1, 10, 100?

Do you know how many people ARE searching every month? And how many of those
you SHOULD be getting calls from?

Call us and we’ll show you?

In fact with the national average for direct marketing being in the 0.5% to
1.0% area, and IF you are getting 100 people to your website a month (that
should be a really low figure), then you should be getting one call a month or
better. Let us show you how to get more traffic, and higher conversions from
your website (we have some pages at 40% to 60%).

Are you in the Kansas City area? We work worldwide, but, as a Kansas City,
based SEO and internet marketing business, we can help local businesses face to

Call 816-415-8878

Get More Customers FAST!


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