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There is an over abundance of managers and a huge lack of leaders. This situation clearly has a negative impact on an organization’s ability to grow and compete.

A leader combines the vision and curiosity of a dreamer with the practical engineering of a builder. he can redesign a business, or an operation
to a super-successful “next level.”

A leader is goal directed, looking forward with anticipation toward the attainment of measurable outcome goals. A leader is a person who sets goals and achieves results.

There is a difference between someone who seems busy, always working hard on something and someone who delivers the measurable results that takes an organization by leaps and bounds further ahead.

Goals give an effective leader meaning and purpose, and serve as a continuous source of motivation in pursuit of organizational and individual success.

While many books have been written about leadership, it remains for many a misunderstood and elusive quality. The capacity for leadership exists in everyone, but most people never take the time to develop it. Leadership is determination, courage, confidence, and the ability to get results! Positive leadership assumes that goals can be accomplished, the job can be done, the problem can be solved, and the obstacles still to be overcome. A leader designs his and his own organizations future the way he wants it rather than being at the mercy of anything or anyone.

The Process

The Leadership Development process will take you, and your
management team to new levels of “developing your own future” and being on
control, to making things happen. It is a process designed to help individuals
develop attitudes, skills, qualities, that will help you become the organization
and the leader you want to be.

Three Essential Elements
There are three key elements in becoming a leader,

  • Knowledge — knowing some of the key tools that make a true
    leader, and that keep leaders in the front, making things happen
    even when others are slipping behind. And the knowledge of how to
    leader others to becoming leaders themselves.
  • Skills — Just knowing HOW won’t get you there. We hold the
    hands of our students as they take that knowledge and turn it into
    the skill of doing what they do successfully. You may have heard the
    phrase, “You can’t learn to ride a bicycle in a seminar.” What that
    means is that you may learn all of the how to’s from a book, but you
    are going to fall off the bike. It takes getting back on, and
    sometimes having someone helping you, which provides even faster
    progress, while fine tuning your ability to get on and stay on. We
    want you progressing from “being comfortable staying on the bike,”
    to “winning some races” and doing that quickly. That’s why we are
    there running along side helping you to get back on and to go faster
    and faster.
  • Mindset –Having the mindset of a leader (beliefs and attitudes
    that take leaders to new levels, and seem to hold others back).
    While we’ll help you to have the mindset of a leader, we’ll also
    help you deal with the mindsets of those you lead. We’ll teach you
    to deal with “successful mindsets” and “difficult mindsets” of those
    you lead, and what to do about them.

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Critical Issues Covered in this
  • Leadership and you
  • Tapping Your Hidden Potentiial
  • Motvation
  • Behavior and Conditioning
  • Mindset Development
  • Personal and Organizational Goal Setting
  • Roadblocks to Success
  • Creative Power and Visualization
  • Managing Your Time
  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • DecisionMaking & Problem Solving

“A leader designs his own
future and that of his organization . . .

He’s not at the mercy of
anything or anyone.”

Results & Outcomes
  • Being more in Control of Your Future
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased Profitability
  • More Personal Time and Freedom
  • A Clear, Focused Direction
  • Enhanced Leadership Ability
  • Results-Oriented Attitudes
  • Developing Your Team
  • creating a Vision for Personal Direction and Decision Making
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