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Executive Leadership Training
/ Coaching– Kansas City

 Success in today’s complex world is challenging, and the rules
are changing every day. We can be assured of several things the challenge facing us will become even more intense. The speed with which change is occurring will increase, and the competition will intensify.

To lead an organization means to be able to design, and redesign
the whole organization, departments, leaders, with new targets quickly to create a competitive advantage in turbulent times. Many executives will have to transform an organizational culture that was founded on yesterday’s paradigm and ideas. Some so ingrained into the previous culture that it will be extremely difficult to pry it loose. But that’s what you’ll be facing and we’ll help you transform that organization, or show you how.

Priorities will shift and thinking will have to change.
Attitudes, mindsets, behaviors, reflecting new and different social and organizational values will have to be aligned.

For many people learning to adjust to change will be difficult,
but that’s what you, as the leader will be facing. Organizational success will require leadership that is focused on positive RESULTS!

The Process

The Executive Leadership process offers a proven path to help you create an environment in which people will be excited about operationalizing the established vision. It will provide you with the techniques for aligning our resources, and guidelines for effectively leading people to higher levels of performance.

We can help you by training you and your executive/management team, or can be available for one on one coaching where we’ll be there to not only help you learn how, but will be with you developing the skills of doing it successfully.

If there’s anything unique about us, it’s our ability to help you develop the skills of becoming successful at doing it, not just showing you how.

The Formula For Success
ASK + Goals = PBC –> IR
Attitude       Positive   Improved
Skills       Behavior   Results
Knowledge       Change    

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Critical Issues Covered in this
  • The Challenge of Leadership
  • valueship
  • Values
  • Dealing with Change
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Goal Accomplishment
  • Effective Planning
  • Leadership Responsibility
  • Understanding Human Potential
  • collaborating
  • Building Teams
  • Motivation
  • Understanding Behavior
  • Building Success Attitudes and Habits
  • Communication

“A leader designs his own
future and that of his organization . . .

He’s not at the mercy of
anything or anyone.”

Results & Outcomes Are
  • Increased Market Share
  • Maximized Return on Your Intelectual Capital
  • Increased Sharehoulder Earnings
  • Strengthened Focus on Attracting, Servicing, and Keeping Customers
  • Realize Even Greater employee Contributions to results
  • Defined Strategic Direction
  • Developed and Sustained Corporate Values
Contact:Alan BoyerThe $100K Coach




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