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Increase Website Traffic With Free Traffic System

As a website owner, you likely want to increase traffic website rating which will result in more revenue for you and your affiliates. Below are a few tips that you will find authoritative in ensuring that you get more traffic than you presently have. Continue reading

Small Business Owners — Why Your Website Brings You NOTHING

I do several workshops a month, some online, and some local. I meet hundreds of people a month, and they ALL have one things in common . . . they don’t get anything from their website.

In fact, I have a rule of thumb that says that 99% of all websites don’t work. They don’t bring new prospects or clients to you. Most just don’t work.

That doesn’t say that will NEVER work, only that 99% of what’s been built out there doesn’t at this stage of their development.

There are thousands a month looking for what you do on the internet so what’s the problem? Continue reading