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Start and Rapidly Grow Your Coaching Business — Get and Close More Clients Emotionally

The Fastest Way to Grow Your Clientele

Your Clients Buy Emotionally and THEN Justify it Logically

I coach a lot of coaches who believe that they have to ‘logic’ their way to a sale . . . WRONG! Continue reading

How to Start and Rapidly Grow a Coaching Business – The Most Powerful Word in Sales — Asking for Help

Asking for someone to help you is one of he most powerful words in sales, and that applies to coaching as well.A lot of coaches are hesitant to “ask for help” because they perceive themselves as “supposed to have the answers.”Actually, as a coach, you should be full of more questions than answers, but it still is hard for coaches to “ask for help.”Here’s how to do that and turn your sales spigot on big time. Continue reading