Marketing — Growing a Business — It Isn’t Business as Usual Anymore

Marketing has changed. The way we do business has changed. But you’ve tried it the way you knew how, didn’t work, and now what? Continue reading

Article Marketing — How to Market a Small Business

Small Business Marketing Coach

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Alan Boyer

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 Alan Boyer — $100K Small Business Coach
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Marketing Survival Guide for Small Businesses During a Recession

 “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”

                                    Mark Twain

Some business owners feel that the reports of their upcoming business death is actually imminent.

Here’s a survival guide for small business owners. Continue reading

Wow, Coach, Did You Catch That Sudden Business Explosion This Past Week

There are times that I get surprised by a sudden, and unexplained change in the business environment.  I hope you caught it this past week.If you didn’t were you out there “trolling” with your marketing” or is it possible that your marketing isn’t working up to the level it should be? Continue reading

Business Recession Tips — How to Sell During a Recession when You’d SWEAR No One is Buying

Business Recession Tips

Does it seem as if NO ONE is buying right now?

Is the problem THE RECESSION is it that you haven’t changed how you are selling as times got tougher. In fact, this market place has been changing even before the recession hit. Different kinds of marketing are necessary today as compared to just a few years ago. Continue reading

Business Recession Tips — How to Thrive, Not Just Survive the Recession

Business Recession Tips

As a business coach I get to see a lot of businesses who are struggling in this recession, as well as what makes them spurt right out of it.

One thing I’ve learned is that small businesses all make the same mistakes during good times, but actually compound those mistakes during recessions. A belief that THIS IS THE WAY to manage a business is compounded when they feel that they have to watch and manage the business even more closely. Continue reading