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How to Get 100’s More Clients Simply From Every Marketing You Do

If you can’t answer “How many responses, and clients, I should get from every piece of marketing I send?” then you aren’t in control of your marketing.

Imagine for a minute that if you KNEW that you could get at least 10% response every time you sent marketing, whether that would be website, direct mail, email, direct calls, webinars, etc. And that would work out to 100’s of times more than where you are now.

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Small Business Marketing Objectives to Add Another $100K

 Frequently a small business has no measurable marketing objectives other than “increase sales” “increase leads”, or “get more customers.” Here’s the secret to setting the right marketing objectives, and then tweaking the results to get 5-10 times more. Continue reading

The Secret to Scientific Marketing

Is your marketing scientifically measurable?

Do you know how many are out there looking for YOU?

And do you know what percentage of those should be calling you everytime you send out your marketing?

Or do you just throw your marketing at the wall hoping and praying that someone will call you? If you do, you are like 99% of all business owners.

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Coach, Why You Don’t Get Dozens of Calls a Month from Prospective Coaching Clients

Marketing your coaching business can be as simple as “following a simple formula”  In other words, you should be able to design your business so that it delivers however many clients . . . AND DOLLARS . . . that you want.

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Business Coaches — The Powerful Secret to Maximizing Sales Online

Here’s a note from one of my readers that has spent a LOT of money on a website and has not gotten anything from it. And what he can do about it. Continue reading