Building The Foundation Of Trust

Leading at Light Speed is a new leadership book for anyone and everyone who cares to build high performance organizations that perform at very high levels, as measured by profitability, growth, and customer retention. The following is an excerpt on Building Trust.

Let’s start with the foundation of trust. Creating trust may seem like an obvious part of a leader’s job. What is not as obvious, however, is just how fundamental and important it is. Continue reading

Good Qualities of a Leader

It’s almost like it’s a well hidden secret about what makes a good leader. It really shouldn’t be, but I do several workshops and seminars a month on leadership and business building and when I ask one simple questions,
“What are the good qualities of a leader?” Or when I rephrase it as “What are the qualities of a good leader?”  It’s extremely rare that anyone knows the answer that follows. Continue reading

Characteristics of a Good Leader

I originally wrote this article 4-5 years ago, but because it has become the most read article, I periodically update it with more current information. So here goes for the end of 2009.

I’m not kidding when I say this, there is just ONE most important characteristic of not just a GOOD leader but a super performing leader, but very few seem to understand what that is.  So here goes . . . Continue reading