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Kansas City Small Business Owners — How to Get 10 Times More Clients from Your Marketing . . . No Kidding!

Small Business Owners In Kansas City — If you aren’t getting enough clients it’s very likely that you are making the same mistake that almost 90% of all small business owners make. And that’s the 90% that the Small Business Administration says will fail within their first 2-5 years.

Let’s look at a formula that’ll explain it. Continue reading

Marketing — Growing a Business — It Isn’t Business as Usual Anymore

Marketing has changed. The way we do business has changed. But you’ve tried it the way you knew how, didn’t work, and now what? Continue reading

Building a Coaching Business — Getting Tons of Local Coaching Prospects Finding You

When I talk with new coaches I frequently hear that they don’t need to be on the internet . . . because they aren’t interested in nationwide, or worldwide business. They only want local people as clients.

Well, what they don’t know is likely to hurt them, or at least it’ll be a significant missing opportunity. There are anywhere from 50 to as many as several hundred people in most major cities looking for a coach on the internet. Continue reading

Article Marketing — How to Market a Small Business

Small Business Marketing Coach

 Do you want to learn more about how to increase your business nearly overnight?I have just completed my brand new “Marketing Formula to Generate an Extra $10K Per Month”Get your ebook on how to add another $10K a month to your business with the marketing formula from Alan, Marketing Your BusinessAlan Boyer coaches small business owners who want at least another $100K within the next few months…..The reports have been “5-10 times more clients in just a few weeks, and still growing.Alan Boyer Small Business Marketing Coach


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Get 10 Times More Customers, Clients From an Ugly Article

As a marketing coach I run into clients who’ve been duped by people selling them PRETTY graphics design, PRETTY websites, etc.Let’s get one thing straight right at the beginning, in your marketingIt’s not pictures that sell . . . it’s words, and only the right words at that. Continue reading