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Good Qualities of a Leader

It’s almost like it’s a well hidden secret about what makes a good leader. It really shouldn’t be, but I do several workshops and seminars a month on leadership and business building and when I ask one simple questions,
“What are the good qualities of a leader?” Or when I rephrase it as “What are the qualities of a good leader?”  It’s extremely rare that anyone knows the answer that follows. Continue reading

Characteristics of a Good Leader

I originally wrote this article 4-5 years ago, but because it has become the most read article, I periodically update it with more current information. So here goes for the end of 2009.

I’m not kidding when I say this, there is just ONE most important characteristic of not just a GOOD leader but a super performing leader, but very few seem to understand what that is.  So here goes . . . Continue reading