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A Huge Opportunity to Get Coaching Clients That’s Missed Dozens of Times a Day

How many incoming emails do you get every day? 
 And what would happen if you could turn a large percentage of them into prospects and eventually clients?
How many opportunities to get coaching clients are you missing by not doing that?
Here’s how to turn over 50% of your incoming calls and other marketing into your own coaching prospects and clients. Continue reading

How to Get Coaching Clients — Get New Prospects CHASING You. . . Know Your VALUE

 This past week I walked through a local business fair and walked out with 3 high potential appointments in just over an hour. 

And what’s interesting is that I used to walk through this same business fair with no results at all. 
Sound familiar? Read on to find how to get prospects CHASING you, after a brief 1-2 minute conversation. And how to get more clients. Continue reading

Get Coaching Clients Chasing You as if You Have the Cure for Cancer

Are you one of the many coaches who just can’t seem to get many clients?

Imagine just for a minute what it would be like if, it was totally different. Just imagine how people who have cancer would respond to someone who said “I have the cure for cancer.” Continue reading