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Coaching Marketing — Help Your Prospects Experience The Results They Will Have With You

The most powerful and compelling way to reach your markets, and persuade powerfully is through the use of Powerful, Emotional, Experience.
In other words instead of just talking about what you do, the idea is to help your prospect EXPERIENCE the power and the emotions of doing, achieving, and feeling the results. Paint a colorful, emotional picture in your prospect’s head. Help them experience both the pain of being where they are and the new experience and feelings of where they will be after working with you. Continue reading

Getting More Coaching Clients — Asking Questions to Fan the Flames

Do you realize that your primary job in your business is marketing your business?

And that nothing else matters until you’ve got enough clients to generate the cash flow that you REALLY want?

Most coaches/consultants/trainers/speakers focus on the wrong end first. I call it the myth of the field of dreams. They believe that if they focus on what they do first, and become good at it, then everyone in the world will want what they do. Continue reading

Coach Marketing — Here’s a GREAT Way to Open LOTS of Doors for Your Coaching

Ever have problems getting in to talk with someone, especially a big CEO, or that ideal client you’d almost kill to get an appointment with? Maybe you’ve even met but in-passing, so the door is partially open, but you just can’t leverage it open any further.
I live by this little statement, and it will turn your door opening attempts around. Continue reading

Getting Coaching Clients — How to Open ANY Door and Get an Appointment

I can remember when it was hard to even talk to someone at a networking event. Now here’s a way of getting an appointment with anyone. I’ve gotten appointments with top CEOs of large businesses, and small business owners at an almost unbelivable success rate. For instance, when using this to get visitors for a networking event I ended up talking with 100% of those I called, and 75% of those I talked with showing up. Most of the other 25% still wanted to go, it was teir schedule that was in the way. Continue reading

Would You Like to Know How Many Are Looking for a Coach in Your City?

Knowing how many people are looking for a coach in your city will give you an idea of not only how many clients you SHOULD be getting, but a tool to actually make that happen. I figure that 5% or more of all searches should be mine, potential clients.

How many of those listed in your city do you get? Would you like to increase the number you get? Continue reading