CEO value in the Digital Marketplace

You don’t have to look very far these days to see executives at the highest levels of organization being thrown under the bus. Executives ranging from Toyota, BP, and the Presidential office have all seen themselves questioned by the masses in recent months.

This causes a huge issue for the business world: younger executives typically have a better understanding of the web space and the evolution happening there, while older executives bring essential business insight into the mix. Continue reading

How to Get an Appointment with Almost Anyone Anywhere Anytime

Would you like to have a tool that would almost guarantee that you could get an appointment with almost anyone anywhere anytime?

How to get an appointment with almost anyone you call, and at least 75+% of the time.

I’ve even used this to set up networking events with some of the hardest to reach CEOs and execs in some of the top businesses. It doesn’t matter who, what, when, or where, this whole things works almost every time. Continue reading