Engineering a Small Town’s Image, Branding a Small Town Community

Many small cities and small towns just LET things happen. They aren’t in control of the image they present, nor of the amount of traffic they generate for their downtown area and the businesses there.

Yet, we can design, or engineer, the image we want to leave with the community, how fast we grow that downtown, and how much business that downtown does by marketing that downtown. Continue reading

Developing the Most Powerful, Exciting Brand

The way most companies “brand” themselves today misses the whole point.  When most develop a logo that they believe represents what they do, and they even get excited about that brand . . . what they are missing is that if it isn’t clear, VERY CLEAR and EXCITING to their target market it totally misses the point. Here’s how to develop such a powerful, exciting brand, that your target market will beg to jump into your shopping cart. Continue reading