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The Next Step to Article Marketing

Article marketing has become the industry standard for keyword marketing with the search engines.  Don’t believe me?  Do a search and see the sheer quantity of internet marketing tools for sale.  To move ahead of your competition you really must to look at adding social bookmarking to your SEO plan. Continue reading

Set Up Article Marketing And Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Site While You Sleep!

If you want to promote your product or service, article marketing is the way to go. Getting free hits to your web site can be accomplished by using article marketing and this may compensate you for the lack of targeted visitors to your web site. Continue reading

Article Marketing — How to Market a Small Business

Small Business Marketing Coach

 Do you want to learn more about how to increase your business nearly overnight?I have just completed my brand new “Marketing Formula to Generate an Extra $10K Per Month”Get your ebook on how to add another $10K a month to your business with the marketing formula from Alan, Marketing Your BusinessAlan Boyer coaches small business owners who want at least another $100K within the next few months…..The reports have been “5-10 times more clients in just a few weeks, and still growing.Alan Boyer Small Business Marketing Coach


Alan Boyer

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 Alan Boyer — $100K Small Business Coach
Kansas City, MO

How to Get 10 Times More Business From Your Article Marketing

Most of us are out there WRITING new  stuff like mad. It’s likely that you are leaving the biggest opportunity to grow your business through article marketing laying right on the table. Continue reading

Get 10 Times More Customers, Clients From an Ugly Article

As a marketing coach I run into clients who’ve been duped by people selling them PRETTY graphics design, PRETTY websites, etc.Let’s get one thing straight right at the beginning, in your marketingIt’s not pictures that sell . . . it’s words, and only the right words at that. Continue reading

How to Get 10 Times More Clients from Your Article Marketing

Do you look at your article marketing stats?  There is gold in them thar hills. Are you looking at them and managing them?

Here’s how to increase your article marketing results 10-50 times. Continue reading

Building a Coach Business — Article Marketing — The Secret to Getting Lots of Clients

I was working with Jim, a business coach, who was struggling to get new coaching clients. I had him start writing articles that showed not only what kinds of results his clients got, but how, and the value that his clients got. Continue reading