80/20 rule

Becoming THE Best Supervisor–4 Steps to Increasing Your Team’s Output by 16 Times

What one thing would make you the THE Best Supervisor in Your Company?

Would increasing your team’s output by 16 times do it? I’d bet on it! In fact, it’s likely to get you noticed and promoted.

Actually it’s simple. This is something I do when I’m called into a company to improve performance of groups of employees. Continue reading

Seth Godin’s Post — All Clicks on the Internet Come from Only 16% of the People

Seth Godin, on a recent post,
http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2009/11/the-unclicking-84.html said that of all the people on the internet only 16% result in an actual click through.

That follows the 80/20 rule, that 80% of the clicks on the internet come from 20% of the people.

It also indicates why you should discover your niche. I’ve always said that if ou could refocus your marketing on just that 20% that you’d automatically increase your business by 17 times. That’s the real number when you can move all of your efforts from targeting “the whole world” to spending your time targeting only those that are effective.

Ha! And people say that “doubling a business” isn’t likely. But just getting the 80/20 rule right, focusing on the right market has the potential for increasing your marketing results by 17 times, means that a “double” ought to be easy.

Also check the stats on Research Briefs at