30 second elevator speech

BNI 60 Second Commercial That Could Multiply Your Business 10 Times or More

 In marketing and networking the first thing out of your mouth becomes the most important thing you will ever say. It isn’t about “making a sale”,  it’s about “getting attention.” It’s simple . . . if you don’t get their attention before you say what you want to say, they never hear the most important thing that follows.

If you want them lining up to talk to you everytime you give your BNI 60 Second Infomercial . . .   Continue reading

The Secret to Getting Coaching Clients – Dozens of Calls a Month

I’ve now been around marketing,  internet marketing, and coaching for almost10 years. During that time I’ve tried just about everything that you are getting hit with today that probably hasn’t worked. Here’s the secret that I learned that applies to any kind of coaching, life coach, business coach, career coach, whatever coach, and it DOES work.

Frankly, I’m about to share with you the biggest secret about why NONE of those things ever worked for me, and why what I do now does work, to bring me several calls a day from people who are looking for what I do, from coaching to training to consulting. Continue reading

How to Get Coaching Clients – Recession or Not, Marketing No Longer Works Like It Used To

You’ve been struggling to get coaching clients. It feels like you’ve been walking across a desert where you just haven’t seen water . . . or clients . . . for weeks, or months.  You’ve looked across that baren land as far as you can see and, for whatever reason, there isn’t an oasis, there isn’t a pool of clients, anywhere to be seen. Mile after mile after mile.
What’s the answer? Actually it’s quite simple. Continue reading

30 Seconds to Explosive Networking and Sales

This is probably one of the most important things that you will ever do for you and your business. It will definitely have the biggest impact of anything you have ever done.

This activity is to help you not only create a 30 second elevator speech, but to better understand what you really do. It will define your USP (Unique selling proposition). This usually even changes my client’s vision of who they are and what they do for their customers. Continue reading

Building a Super Coaching Business — Do you get 10, 100, or 1,000 people signing up monthly or calling you from your website?

Whether you are a life coach, business coach, career coach, or whatever coach, how many people a month sign up to get to know you better monthly? 10 . . . 100 . . . 1,000 . . . or even more?

How many should you get monthly Continue reading