Multiplying Everything You Touch

Far too many businesses, and executives think only in small numbers, but I’d like to challenge you that everything you touch should be multiplied many times.

The Midas touch isn’t a myth, but far too many try to be “realistic” and keep their thinking small.

Whenever I ask a new client how much further he’d like to be ahead, I get answers like, “Oh, maybe 20% for this year.” Yet, when we dig in we usually find that doubling, tripling, and sometimes even 10 times is easy.

But, I want to challenge you that “If you could double your business, or any part of your business in the next few months, that doing it again, and again, and again, is easy to repeat.”

Most of the time the real problem is that the business owner, or executive, tries to think “realistically”, but “realistic” is defined only by his belief rather than real reality.

Marketing for instance: when most marketing materials get far less than 1%, sometimes as low as 0.1% response, that I can show you how to get to 10% or beyond, and that’s 100 times. And once you do that, it’s easy to increase how far you reach with your marketing by 100’s of times. So 100×100 = 10,000. Yet most business owners, and executives are thinking small in order to be “realistic”.

Sales — What is your sales close ratio now? Is it only 10% or what? What if I could show you ways to get to 50% to 75%? That’s another 5+ times the number of clients you have.

Let me ask you another question. What does it cost to acquire a client? Do you even know? I once had a client who couldn’t answer that question. But when we dug in to find where he was at the time, he was actually buying leads at $8 each and thought that was too expensive. But when we found that he actually would land about 1 out of 10 of those, that meant that it cost him only $80 to acquire a client that was immediately delivering a $2,000 profit to him. So I challenged him, instead of buying only 10 leads, start increasing 10 times at a time. So the next time he’d buy 100 leads for $800 which would deliver 10 clients and $20,000 profits. Next time 1,000 leads for $8,000 which delivered 100 clients for $200,000 profits and so on.

But you see, before we started MULTIPLYING results he was afraid to spend money since he didn’t know what it actually cost him to acquire a client.

Basically from that point I asked him “How many clients do you want to buy?”

Production– How many dollars of profit do you deliver for every hour, and every employee? I showed one client that with simple changes we could multiply his current revenues by 17 times using the simple 80/20 rule.

There are so many ways to multiply results. If you are thinking that your growth is small, or that you aren’t making enough income or profits, let’s set down and talk about where we can multiply and by how much. Then once we know what and where to multiply, it really is easy to multiply that much in the next few months, then multiply again and again. Numbers growth rapidly.

Alan Boyer
Helping small business owners to reach another  $100K to $1M within months

¬†Author of Upcoming Book: “Secrets to $100K Additional Business Quickly and Easily”