Ways to Get People to Do Your Marketing For You and Then Pay You For the Right to Do it

I first met Paulette Ensign, the Booklet Queen, about 2 weeks ago. She’s got some killer ways to grow a business, and actually get your clients to do it for you, and then to pay you for the right to do it. It flat amazed me when I heard some of the things she said.

Paulette did this herself with one of her 3,500 word tips booklets that sold over one million

Paulette Ensign Tips Booklets

Paulette Ensign

copies, and others paid her for the right to distribute them for her. A real serious way to do booklet marketing.

Can you imagine, having someone else to pay you for your own marketing, and then distributing a million copies? And what would that do for you?

Most of us work really hard to market our products and services. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier if someone else was begging for our marketing materials so they could hand it out?

This is definitely one of those killer applications. It sells itself first, then it sells you.

She’s got so many different approaches to doing this that it’s hard to pick one to show you. But here’s one of them.

Imagine that you could write a tips booklet that shares your expertise, that helps someone move their business, or something else, ahead. If you give some seriously helpful hints and tips, people should beg you for the book.

Of course, normally, I’ve encouraged people to give something like this away on their website as a way of giving people a sample of what you do so that they will eventually want more and pay you for your ultimate services. That concept still applies in this case, but she’s got a way of someone else paying you for the tips booklet, the marketing material and then handing it out for you.

That’s the killer application, if you ask me. Imagine what marketing costs today, and that’s out of your own pocket.

But if you could get a local organization, chamber, or trade organization that would benefit from having such a great tool to hand out to their members, it would be a win-win. When they hand it out it enhances them as someone helping their members,or their clients, and it also is something that people would keep on their desk for ready reference. So it doesn’t get thrown like a business card, or your printed brochure. This has ongoing value.

And, they are handing out a taste of what you do as well. Your name is on it, along with theirs which is almost a testimonial of what you do to every member of that organization, and then it provides a link to your website, and a lot of VALUABLE info that could grow someone’s business, their life, their church, or whatever it is you help others do.

Marketing (and that includes these little tips booklets) is nothing more than

  • the number of people who see your marketing
  • times
  • the conversion rate of what you say and how you say it in the marketing
  • equals
  • the number of leads you get each and every week.

So, with Paulette’s approach you just went from handing out 5-10 business cards a week (very low visibility, and very time consuming… you have been manually handing it out, right?) to possibly distributing hundreds to thousands of these in one pass, and someone else is doing it to their entire organization, and they are paying for the right to do so.

And, on top of that this could become a passive income generator on an ongoing basis as long as they keep passing them out. And, they should keep passing them out as long as they are valuable… right?


Would you like to get more hints and tips on growing your business with tips booklets, or even by having someone else pay you for your marketing?

Paulette has tons of unique ways to leverage your marketing through tips booklets, to get your marketing out to hundeds, thousands, or, at she did millions.

Get her Tips Booklets newsletter showing you how to do this at http://www.kickstartcart.com/app/?af=1131064

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