Conferences and events – picking business speakers

If you are picking a business speaker for an event or conference for hundreds if not thousands of people, then picking the right business speaker can be a daunting task. Picking the right business speaker can be the difference between an event being a disaster or massive success.

Matching the audience and the business speaker together

Your business speaker and audience must match together. With a business audience, its important to give across a professional message and image. Therefore the business speaker’s speech must be made accordingly. Beneficial to both event organiser and audience, a targeted speech is vital for the success of an event. Business speakers that specialise in sales speechs will be a big help to a sales team. A technical support team on the other hand, won’t find a sales speaker of much use to their skillset.

Maintain the interest of your audience

Out of politeness, most audiences won’t talk out half way through a speech. The audience will sit and suffer during a boring speech. And at half time, they will probably walk out! It’s very important therefore to keep your audience’s interest. While they may nod their heads during a boring speech, are they taking in what is being said? Keeping concentration is particularly important when trying to sell a product, or if you are trying to motivate your staff. Keeping them interested with a good speech and good visual aids will keep their concentration levels up. Audience participation is a tricky one. Over do audience participation and you will scare them off. However done in a proper way it will keep the audience on their toes, and ingaged in the speech.

Research different speakers

As above, a good keynote speaker will be worth their salt in that they will keep most audiences captivated. From marketing gurus to sales and entrepreneur geniuses, there are different types of speakers. Complimenting their work, most speakers will have had an attempt at writing a book. Read it- what are they like? Approach a professional speakers agency like Speakers Associates for help and advice.

Broadcast your message and profit from it

Business speakers are not at all cheap, so getting a return is very important. Visual and written materials will help get your message across if you are training staff. Ask staff for feedback and what they have learnt from the speech. Following on from the speech, setting action plans- three points or more with deadlines on acting them can positively help employees. Set deadlines and follow up on their progess. Follow upa nd call business if you used your event to sell. Always ask for honest feedback.

Look for feedback on your business speaker

Feedback is vital on your business speaker. You don’t want to repeat the same mistakes if you are putting on a series of events or conferences. Find out what parts of the speech went down well. Which parts of the speech had your audience bored to tears? If you take the route of anonymous surveying, you are also more likely to get honest feedback.

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