Small Business Marketing, An Essential Step In Success

Regardless of the size, a small business must focus on marketing, just like any business of a substantial size. Unlike big businesses, small businesses have a lot of factors that make marketing more difficult. Primarily, these efforts are hindered by budgets and resources.

Small Business Marketing Strategy

A small business marketing strategy is a step-by-step process that examines a business situation or environment. The plan identifies a target client/market, key competition, challenges and opportunities in the market. Marketing is such an important part of the business process. It’s what brings consumers and products together in a market place.

When you have a well thought out plan in place, you generate more sales because you capture the attention of the market quickly. Small business marketing often has to be especially innovative to overcome the challenges of the limited resources. Your marketing plan forms the foundation for your business decision making, and acts a reference point for making decisions about direction changes. Marketing plans allow you to work towards your predetermined goal.

Primarily, this type of marketing focuses on developing a product or brand identity. A good marketing plan begins with understanding your company’s unique selling position in the marketing place. What is it that makes your products or services unique? Your brand incorporates that unique selling position and establishes an impression of your company in the mind of the target customer.

Many small businesses choose to use some simple methods of marketing their products and brand to their clients. Some methods of marketing include development of a web site, direct mailing efforts such as postcards or brochures, or email marketing campaigns, including newsletters.  These marketing efforts are very cost effective – they allow you to contact clients at very little cost and begin the steps of developing brand recognition.

Small Business Flexibility

One of the advantages a small business has is flexibility. Although a small company doesn’t have an unlimited amount of money to invest in marketing, they have the advantage of being able to make decisions quickly. If a marketing strategy isn’t working, these businesses can quickly change direction and respond to the needs of a changing market place. Small businesses do have some advantages over the giants – how many can change their marketing strategy within a week?

Small Business Marketing

Marketing for a small business is something that has to be consistently done, almost on a daily basis.  You can easily implement a number of marketing tools, such as daily emails, blogs to your website, flyers on windshields or door hangers, etc.

One option a business has is to partner with another business and stretch marketing. Look for a small business that offers a supporting product or service and try to partner with them. Working in partnership with another company gives you flexibility to share expenses, such as graphic designers, printers, web site designers, etc. By sharing resources and times, you may stretch your budget much farther.

Small business marketing is necessary for success.  In many cases, your best marketing tool is word of mouth – from satisfied clients. Marketing is essential part of any small business success. Whether you focus your time on developing a marketing plan yourself, or use the advice of experienced professionals, marketing will help establish your company brand and image.

2 Responses to Small Business Marketing, An Essential Step In Success

  • I find it very interesting that the majority of small business owners don’t follow simple marketing principles and seem to think that simply having a website is all it takes to do business online. In my small business marketing services, I run accross this everyday. I spend a lot of my time educating small business owners on how to market right.
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  • Alan Boyer says:

    I agree with you, Don.

    Most small business owners don’t understand marketing in general, let alone online internet marketing. The result is that over 99% of all websites don’t work, and just about the same failure rate for marketing of all kinds.

    Those figures are so catastrophic. But they are true. I pick up the pieces as I help new clients all of the time.

    A simple guideline, follow the marketing formula . . . identify how many people you must touch, and develop a powerful marketing message. And if you fall short of your target re-evaluate your marketing message and make it better. Test the market with that message.

    Just small changes to a marketing message can drive the number of clients you get through the roof in just days. But most small business owners try a little of this and give up, a little of that and give up. Each thing they try fails to work, so they ultimately say “I’ll never try that again while walking away from the one thing they HAVE to do “marketing.” And it has to work well.

    And it’s so easy to fix if you know how.

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