BNI Kansas City, Business Networking International

I’ve provided this whole section for my friends at BNI Kansas City (or other chapters for that matter).

As a business coach I’ve found a lot of ways to grow busineses rapidly using BNI and would like to share them with you in this section.

Be sure to

  1. Use the search bar to search for anything with BNI in it, or look at the “related posts” link on the right.
  2. Either come back frequently as I am constantly providing new and greater ways to build businesses while using BNI or networking in general, and also to build BNI chapters.


BNI -Making It the Fastest Train On the Tracks — BNI Leaders here’s a way to taking your chapter to another level. Avoid one of the biggest mistakes BNI leaders and chapters make and leap forward big time.

30 Seconds to Explosive Networking and Sales Results–Ideas to build a powerful 30 second BNI speech.


  • Networking Results-How Fast You Follow-Up Sets How Many Will Respond, and How BigThey Are
    [Business:Networking] How fast you respond to a networking referral, or request for contact determines how many prospects you’ll get consistently, and how big they are. I asked people what they thought of how fast someone responds. Most looked at a response of more than a day as being too long. And the bigger the prospect, the less tolerant they were. See the results of a survey on how fast you SHOULD respond.
  • Strategic Networking – Finding the RIGHT Networking Group Can Explode Your Business Results
    [Business:Networking] Getting the RIGHT answer to what is the RIGHT Networking group can change your networking results from Getting an occasional appointment from a networking event to Getting as 5-10 times more from networking activities.
  • 30 Seconds to Explosive Networking & Sales Results
    [Business:Networking] This is probably one of the most impactful things you could do for your business, your networking and your sales. Using this tool to develop a your 30-second “who am I” introduction has had people rushing up to me after networking events and standing in line waiting to talk with me.
  • Developing a POWERFUL 30-Second Elevator Speech That Could Double Your Business
    [Business:Networking] When someone asks you what you do, or when you’ve been given an opportunity to introduce yourself at a meeting, most people respond by telling people about their products and services. And the room turns off and stops listening. Here’s a POWERFUL way of saying what you do that will have people running up to you afterwards to ask you how you do that, and will have people running up to you weeks afterwards. I’ve seen people’s businesses double when they start using this principle.

    To your business success

    Alan Boyer

    Alan Boyer — The $100K Small Business Coach

    Kansas City, MO

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