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List building is a very important activity in internet marketing. The bigger the list, the larger is the profit.

This makes the lists very important for all people who are into internet marketing. There are various methods of building a list. Some of these list building methods are simple and there are other methods of list building that are much more difficult.

One of the easiest and simplest methods of building a list is the use of free reports. There are many advantages of using this method too. Every internet marketer should learn the method of building the list using free reports to be successful in the marketing.

What are the free reports?

The free reports can be anything that is useful for the client. There are so many things that can be given as free reports. The only thing that the person building the list has to consistently do is to make sure that the content that is given out to the clients as a report is worth reading.

The content should be of very high quality. This will make sure that the individual comes back for more. In fact the person may even forward the information to other people and this can help to build a bigger list. To make this possible, the information should be reliable and also informative. Some people use their e books as free reports and others use other kinds of information as free reports to build their list.

Steps in building the list using free reports:

  1. Making a web page: the web page where the client lands should be catchy and also informative that entices the would-be client into accepting your proposition of becoming a subscriber to your free reports.
  2. Sending free reports: the client is asked to enter their contact details or at least their e mail address on a secure page. This e mail is used to build the list and the relevant information or the free report is sent to the client.
  3. Store information for use later: the information given by the person asking for the free report is stored in the data base of the webmaster for further use. The client may not immediately buy any product, but as time goes by, the person may purchase something. It is worth the wait and this is the reason for the list building through free reports gaining popularity,

This is the process used to build a list using free report.

There is one more way to build your list fast and that is by contributing to giveaway events. Add your free report to giveaway events and add hundreds of subscribers to your list for free.

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10 Responses to List Building – Giveaway Free Reports

  • Alan Boyer says:

    I can’t emphasize enough about how important list building is.

    You may have heard the phrase, “the money is in the list”. Well, that’s dead on.

    For many of my clients, we’ve focused on monetizing the list so they can see the importance. We’ll frequently start at $1 per list member per month as our goal, and some have ended up at $5 per list member.

    One set a goal of making $5,000 a month within 6 months. He was at $6,000/month at 6 months, $13,000/month at a year, and $18,000/month at 1 1/2 years.

    Once he saw that he could make $1 average for those signed up on his list, did two things, he worked on building more people into that list. He set a goal of signing up about 10 people a day by writing so many articles a week in an ezine. I’ll admit he put his nose to the grindstone and WORKED at it about 50 hours a week.

    He did that for a year and a half and then essentially retired. Can you imagine working a year and a half with the goal of retiring at the end of that short time? Or being able to achieve some dream you’ve had from the cash flow that would continue even as you slow down?

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  • Lyle Volner says:

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    PS:Do you thought putting video to your web site to keep the readers more interested?I think it works.Kind regards, Lyle Volner

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  • Tammy Durazo says:

    I feel you are too good to write Genius!Thanks for posting, maybe we can see more on this.

  • Wiley Koep says:

    Hi I have been reading your blog for the past two weeks and it is interesting, do you have a RSS feed?

  • sudha says:

    This product usually is in the form of a downloaded ebook or maybe even a video series of some sort. Where the person clicks on a link and are taken to a page called an opt-in form and this is where the marketer gives you a bit of information to get you interested in the free product. When the prospect fills in their name and email address and clicks submit, their information is captured and they will receive a thank you email and given instructions on how to download their product they were offered.

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