Turning Your Twitter Followers Into Paying Clients

Try to improve your relationships with your existing Twitter followers. Turn them into personal contacts and you will have a much better chance of creating a productive business relationship. Once you have 100-500 Twitter followers, try to contact some of them through conventional means as opposed to trying to increase your Twitter following further. If you are interested in trying to convert your Twitter followers into real business contacts than you might try a few things.

The first would be to manage your Twitter account using HootSuite. This will automatically organize tweets for the upcoming week and tweet your followers if you add a new page to your website or blog.

Tweeting is an excellent way to subtly promote your self. If your followers get something out of it, than there is nothing wrong with using Twitter to link back to your own productions. This way you are not overtly advertising yourself. 

However, it is important to diversify your links and not link back to your own site constantly. Try writing posts as a guest on someone else’s blog, or write articles for other sites or article directories. This way your followers will be interested in following your tweets and will not tire of linking back to your site.

If you can demonstrate yourself to be well versed in your industry then you will begin to gain a greater following. HootSuite can also e-mail you whenever a new person begins following you. You can then tweet them with a link to your own site and check out their profile to see if they might be a contact worth noticing. 

Be sure that your own site carries your personal contact information (phone number and e-mail address) so that when your followers know you are legitimate. You also want it to be easy for them to subscribe to your RSS feed or join your mailing list for when you publish anything new to the web or otherwise. This way you will encourage a closer connection to your followers.

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