Small Business Owners — Why Your Website Brings You NOTHING

I do several workshops a month, some online, and some local. I meet hundreds of people a month, and they ALL have one things in common . . . they don’t get anything from their website.

In fact, I have a rule of thumb that says that 99% of all websites don’t work. They don’t bring new prospects or clients to you. Most just don’t work.

That doesn’t say that will NEVER work, only that 99% of what’s been built out there doesn’t at this stage of their development.

There are thousands a month looking for what you do on the internet so what’s the problem?

Imagine this little scenario. Your website is your “internet billboard.”

What would happen if you placed your internet billboard in the middle of a remote cornfield, and turned around backwards where no one would see it?

Nothing would happen of course, just like your current internet billboard, for the exact same reason.

When you hired your web developer you expected a lot more than you probably got.  It all boils down to vision, yours and your website developer’s. If he believed his job was to “turn on” your website, and yours was the same, you got what you paid for, but you were definitely expecting MORE, LOTS MORE from the impact of “turning on” a website. You thought that just because you turned it on new clients would rain down around you.

Now, let’s return to that image we painted around your internet billboard setting in the middleof a remote cornfield turned around backwards. When you’re website was originallly turned on, it may have been placed on the internet highway, but it was where NO ONE would ever see it.

At first, when your internet billboard showed up on the internet highway, it’s address wasn’t in a directory. It’s like your business is “turned on”, it’s in operation, but since noone has been given your address, it’s not in the printed yellow pages, NO ONE will ever call you. You literally have to get it listed in a directory, Google, Yahoo, MSN so that when someone goes searching you’ll be found.

Believe me, there are lots of other ways for people to find you, but you want to start with the search engines since there are thousands a month looking for just what you do. It takes a conscious effort to make that happen, and it’s very likely that your web developer didn’t see that as his job. And since you didn’t even know that it was important, or how to make it happen, both of you dropped that ball.

No incoming traffic, no calls, no prospects, no sales. That’s only the first part of why you get nothing.

Let’s assume that you’ve finally got your internet billboard on the internet highway and being seen.

Now, imagine that, as people drive by, if what you say on the billboard doesn’t get their attention within . . . oh, lets say about 3 seconds . . . that they will not see any of the rest of what you say.

It’s as simple as: you need a headline that GRABS eyeballs as they whip by. What you say about your products or services will never get read if the headline doesn’t immediately, within that 3 seconds grab those eyeballs driving by, get’s their attention so that they now focus their attention and read the REST of the story on that billboard.

Your website is no different. I analyze websites every day where 99% of the traffic that does finally land there doesn’t stay more than a few seconds. If your website headline doesn’t grab their attention, nothing else you say will ever get read.

Now, think about this. What’s the skill of the web developer you hired?

It’s likely one of these, software development (he can write code to get your website “turned on”), or graphics design (he’s good at drawing pretty little pictures, and prettying up potographs so that your website is definitely EYE CATCHING) but what was the skill you needed to convince your prospect to give you a call, to buy? That’s a marketing skill. Oops. Your website developer was software focused or graphics focused, not marketing focused.

So how do we fix that?

There are lots of ways to get more traffic, and to convert more of that traffic when they land on the website.

Traffic – search engine optimization (getting your website set up to catch the attention of the search engines, and to give you a search engine position on it’s directory, then it will send you traffic, those actually looking); sponsored listing on the search engines (don’t panic about feared costs, if done correctly this actually works EXTREMELY well, and can start delivering traffic within minutes)/ writing articles, giving away products on the internet, writing ebooks, or doing local marketing to send people to your website. However, keep in mind that these all generate traffic to your website that there are thousands looking on the search engines monthly for you. That’s the number one most important thing you should do. Don’t make the mistake of JUST sending 2 people a week from handing out 10 business cards a week. 


After you get the traffic to the website you have to convince the reader to do what you want them to do, convert him into doing what you want. The average conversion rate for an average internet website is 0.1% or less. I tell my clients that 5% should be a good starting point, which would be 50 times more prospects and clients than the average, and I’ve actually got some web pages converting in the 40% to 60% area which would be 400 to 600 times more prospects and clients.

If you would like to see your results go up by at least 50 times keep watching the internet marketing part of this blog and we’ll walk your through the steps of increasing your traffic by hundreds of times, and increasing the conversion rates by 50 times or more. That works out to be 100×50=5,000 times more clients from your website.

Does that seem like it would be impossible? It really isn’t. Imagine that if you got zero calls a month, or maybe a call every month or two. An increase of even one call a month from zero is an infinite growth of business, but if you went from a call every few months to dozens a month that could be hundreds of times of increase. It’s that easy.

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