Internet Marketing — Getting 50,000 Visitors to Your Website

When I first started using Google Keyword tool to find how many people were searching in what way, I can remember looking at the words that got the greatest number of searches (ranging anywhere from a few thousand upward to around 10,000), comparing those to what I called the “low hanging fruit” and settling for words that would get 200-300 searches a month. 

I’d identify another of the “low hanging fruit” words every month or so, but I’d usually get a small percentage of the 200-300 from each of those words. Definitely small amount of traffic.

Now things are different. I just put a list together of around 1,000 search words, and then sorted that list placing the “low hanging fruit” at the top of the list, and added the entire list of low hanging fruit together. The list was searched for over 50,000 times a month. Actualy, my original targeted word with the highest searches before I considered the competition was only 5,000. So, now I’m shooting for lists of 50,000+.

Put together a list from Google Keyword tool of the words you believe people will use to search for what you do. Sort them with the lowest competition at the top of the list. Pick those that have a relative competition of 0.3 or less.

Then sort only those with 0.3 competition or less with the highest search volume at the top of the list. NOW, your job is to start working on those at the top of the list with the highest search volume. These should be easy words to get. Just about all you should have to do is search engine optimize the on-site issues of your website and get those searhc engine positions.

You’ll find that you can probably put several of these words together. Many will have the same base words with a few different modifiers. You can probably put those together on the same web page and capture a position for all of those words.

In any case, start with the highest searched for words. Work them 2 to 3 words at a time. Target one page of your website with one or two words, and one by one work your way down this list. If you do one new page every day or two, within a very short time you’ll have accumulated enough search volume to be getting 10’s of thousands of searches, and thousands of visitors to your website.

The next step is to take that high volume of visitors and review your web page conversion ratio. Reword your web content to get over 5% conversion. For every 1,000 visitors you should be getting 50 or more leads, signups, or whatever you want for that step landing in your lap.

Alan Boyer

The $100K Coach

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