Adding An Autoresponder To Your Static Site Or Blog For Lead Generation Purposes

The next step in our business mastermind sequence . . . that is: purchasing and setting up an autoresponder for your static weboage or blog for lead generation purposes.

The first step is to research some of the top providers of auto responder services. These companies include: AWeber, iContact, and Get Response. As far as my research has taken me, all of these companies have an excellent deliverability rate, so the factor to most consider is their ability to integrate with applications outside of their own.

This is sometimes referred to as API. Of the three listed, AWeber pretty much wrote the rule book, and while I have owned two of the three services, I am going to make a big recommendation here. Take it for what it is worth.

Just Get AWeber and forget about the rest. It has an easy control panel, great tutorials, excellent customer service, and will integrate with anything. For these reasons, I switched to it, and will never leave. This is after using another one of the two services for a year.

Comment from Alan, The $100K Coach — I agree wholeheartedly. I have tried all of these myself, and some with quite poor outcomes. Aweber is the one that is focused on helping you, and has almost no problems, while the others seems to have many obstacles that I couldn’t overcome. Therefore, it was after experiencing the others and the problems, that I moved to Aweber and have been extremely happy with their service.

Alan Boyer, The $100K Coach

So, you have picked out your service, payed for it, and you are ready to start capturing leads from your static website or blog. Disclaimer* With any new autoresponder service, there is a little manual setup in the beginning.

The first determination to make is, where the autoresponder will go. Start by making sure that your opt in box is above the “Fold”. If you are not aware of the meaning of this, here is a quick explanation. The portion of the website above the fold is the part of the website that is “in view” when you first arrive at a website or blog without scrolling down.

Now, you need to determine which side to put the box on. Personally, I believe the box converts best on the right side of the screen, either next to “usable” content or video content. Also, according to marketing studies this is the direction that the eyes travel when viewing a site or blog. Eyes start at the top left, and travel down and then down and right.

Next, use something catchy like a circle or arrows that draw attention to your opt in box. Remember to make sure that people “want” to opt in to your box. Come up with a Bold and Catchy Headline or Call to Action, and always offer them something of value in exchange for their name and email. Newsletters, Video, and PDF’s have a higher perceived value.

These techniques will have you on your way to creating a very effective lead capture system for your business as long as you are creative and follow them pretty close to a T.

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