A Positive Approach To Business — Network Marketing

Many of us involved in the network marketing arena are constantly seeking new ways to promote our commercial enterprise, to magnify our list of prospects, to visualize out better ways to increase the return on our investment and to do all we can to attain that most coveted status of financial freedom. This article is about that mental outlook that is best suited to eventually gain the success that we all aspire to. We all know by now that success does not come easy but there are some rudimentary mindsets that we can adopt that can guarantee success according to those who have already achieved that status. If you are interested in this issue, then please read on.

The vast majority of people in the world believe that some things are not conceivable. They accept their fate in life and settle for mundane employment with all the frustrations of limited income and advancement. A minority of people believe that some things are possible but will not extend themselves beyond self imposed limits. When obstacles arise (and they inevitably do), they give up and may even abandon their aspirations totally. A very minute minority however believe that all things are possible and are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals and aspirations. A little self-examination is requisite here to ask the question of ourselves honestly – which of the three am I?

The Law of Attraction will bring those things that you are attracted to. If you attract positive vibes, you will get it, if not , you will get the opposite. What do you want for your future? Do you simply want a successful network marketing organization or do you want a successful life? In order to have the former you have to achieve the latter. The fundamental mindset then is to strive for a successful life, which means success in all areas of life – spiritual, family, career, social and physical.

Success in life requires that we have trust in ourselves, we have respect for others (which begins by having self respect), that we have an eye for the needs of others and we are prepared to refine and provide for that need in conformity with the wishes of our proposed clients. When we are providing solutions we are in fact selling ourselves and if our clients do not like or trust what they see, the sale will not be completed. The sale in fact requires that a kinship be built over time and that it be sustainable and equally beneficial to both parties.

In this regard, it takes an average of seven pieces of communication for this relationship to be established. This is why auto responder email campaigns are so of import in promoting one’s product or service. A well designed email marketing campaigns can be source of a very lucrative revenues for many years into the future.

This is the whole basis for the well designed ebook on our product or service offering that delivers valuable content to our prospects. The author can literally go to sleep and rake in the profits. in addition, this is also the basis of the concept of the bestseller textbook and its revised editions over many years. The author first writes the book being careful to provide valuable content, a world class cover design, a suitable title and a good publisher.

He then continues to improve and update it over many editions and does many speaking tours promoting it. If the publication is an excellent one he can spend many years promoting it and receiving significant revenues from it. Authoring a good book qualifies one to be an authority or coach on the particular subject. Coaching is believed to be one of most lucrative activities that one can engage in.

If one is an internet or network marketer, a well received ebook or publication can be platform upon which you can build your business. This can be the lead generator, your main advertising and marketing tool for your business. And if you are concerned that you need special resources other than yourself to undertake this, you need not be too concerned. Apart from a good publishing coach, all the other resources such as desktop publishing etc., is available very cheaply on the internet.

So that if you are on a limited budget, you should create your own ebook or publication yourself. Any creation is better than none at all. Every year that you re-publish, you must add value and improve the publication and your revenue streams will increase as a result. You must not only feature your network marketing company in the publication but other companies and products that are worthy of mention.

So to summarize what I believe a positive outlook should entail – you must have an over-arching desire to succeed. You must then develop a viable plan to achieve this success and then be disciplined and courageous enough to execute this plan to completion. Your success is secured? once you stick to this format to the end fashioning the necessary adjustments that may be required.

In a practical sense you must find out what your niche market’s needs are and look to provide solutions to those needs that best fits where you are now and what you have a passion for providing. You must create a vehicle of your solutions in the form of a book, an ebook, articles, videos, tele-classes, interviews etc., and publish and place this vehicle in places where it can be accessed easily by prospects searching for your solutions. You must at periodic times revise and re-publish your solutions to include aspects that are forever relevant to your prospects needs. You can learn more about what I have presented by going to my Web Of Content (link below) where you will get webinar workshops which describe in detail what was conveyed here.

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Thank you for your kind attention.

Nigel Gittens.


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  • Hello,this is Keeley Greiwe,just observed your Post on google and i must say this blog is great.may I share some of the article found in your weblog to my local friends?i’m not sure and what you think?in either case,Thx!

  • Some very good advice, I think the respect for others is one of the most important factors in building healthy relationships with others.

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