How to Increase Your Business From Article Marketing by 6 Times

I frequently talk to a client about using article marketing to really grow his business fast. And after, he’s been out there doing it a while, I discover that he’s missed some important opportunities.

I ask him,

  • So which article works the best?
  • Which one gets the most reads? And why?
  • Which one gets the most click throughs? And Why?

And they stare back without knowing what to say.

I’m not kidding when I say that there is a HUGE opportunity being missed here. I’m talking about being able to increase your results from your article marketing 10 to 100 times. And that extends to your sales dollars as well.

For instance, my own personal target is that I get read 10 times more than any other article in the topic I’m writing in. And You don’t get there by just writing an article and not knowing what makes it work.

Writing a title that GETS ATTENTION makes the difference, and I know what makes it get attention based on having watched that read rate in my article reports over and over.

This means that you must measure and manage, tweak and change. It’s one thing to know up front how to write the best articles, and you get better at doing this as you measure.

But, what a lot of authors miss out on is not going back to tweak up the opportunites that exist in all of the previous articles.

For instance, as I scan back through my article reports, I see patterns. When some articles have been read 50 times a month, others stand out from the crowd as being read 300 or more times a month. First, I can learn what makes those stand that far above the crowd and write more articles that fit that criteria, could be the topic that’s working within that category of article, but more often then not I’ve said something that REALLY connected. And I REALLY need to know that for this market so I can do it again.

But, here’s that part that usually missed. As I scan down the list I’m looking for two things that stand out. One is the number of reads being way above the rest, and the other is the click thru rate that is way above the rest. When some authors figure 5% is good, I’m shooting for way above 30% being acceptable. 

Many times I’ll find an article that’s been read a lot with very low click thru rate. And sometimes I’ll find an article with high click thru rates that doesn’t have many reads. Those are OPPORTUNITIES. 

For instance if I find an article with 300 reads in a month, and 5% click thru rate. That’s currently providing only 15 people a month to my website. But, if I study those with high click thrus and then apply that to this one with 300 reads, it could be 300 reads a month and 30% click thru, or 90 people a month to my website. In fact, that’s is a far better probability of happening than creating a new article that gets those kinds of results.

Do the same in reverse. Find those that are producing the highest click thru rates, 30% or higher, but have only 50 reads for the month, and, by changing the title to better connect, you can drive the reads up to 100, maybe 200, or even 300 reads. Again, we are talking about going from about 15 people a month on your website up towards 90 just from this one article. You are increasing your website traffic by 6 times, and increasing your overall sales by 6 times. 

If I find an article that has a lot of reads and few click thrus, when I edit that article to bring it up to speed like the other

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