How to Get THE MOST from Your Email List — Email Marketing– Getting the Most Dollars Per List Member–#3 in Series on List Building

In the first two articles we discussed

  • How to double the open rate of your emails
  • How to increase the click through rate of your emails (in that case it was 40 times)

And now we’ll discuss what might be typical in dollars per list member on your list.

What Is Typical Dollars Per List Member

Some of the top internet marketers get about $1 per list member per month.

So, where are you? Are you at $0.20? $0.50? $1.00? or higher?

Grab where ever you are and start actively managing that outcome. If you don’t manage it, you’ll likely to continue getting what you’ve been getting whether that’s $0 or $0.20 or $1.00.

Looking back to what we discovered in the first 2 articles, that took Jim 80 times above his starting point. That’s not only 80 times more clients than before, but likely to be 80 times more dollars.

What Other Things Can You Do?

Look at what you have to sell? Do you have a marketing funnel that leads your list members through a thought process from, taking a small free bite of what you have where IF they like it they’ll want more, and move to the next level of the marketing funnel where they’ll take an even bigger bite. A series of steps giving them more and more, leading them through the “taking more and bigger samples” will increase your bottom line dollars per list member per month.

Do you offer freebies, articles, white papes, ebooks, teleseminars?

And is there a “next logical step” for them to move to? Do you help them get there with logical “how is this working for you” and Would you like to make it even better?”

Having a system of logical steps, and thoughts you want them to go through will increase their movement through the marketing funnel to taking larger and larger purchases until they end up taking that ultimate final step that delivers that ultimate final outcome they’d like to have.

But, EVEN THEN, have you structured your marketing funnel so that once you get them to some Ultimate outcome, that there is yet another and another marketing funnel that takes them even further?

So, are you at $0.20 per list member per month, or where? And what would a very simple change that would take you to $0.40 (a double) do for you?

Let’s take another look, assuming that, at some point, you’ll be at $1.00 per list member or greater.

What are you doing to grow your list?

Do you have a goal and a plan to reach 1,000 list members a month by what time? At $1.00 per list member per month that would generate $1,000 a month of ongoing passive income, on autopilot once you’ve built that list to that point.

5,000 in your list would generate $5,000 a month on autopilot.

I’ve worked with business owners and coaches, who balked at the effort it takes to build their list. They see it as a lot of time. But they don’t consider what the return will be.

I once worked with a coach who had spent 60 hours a week writing articles. Some people tell me “that’s too much work,” mainly becaus they don’t see an immediate return. However, that coach had a goal of reaching $5,000 a month in passive income within 6 months. He hit $6,000.

In the next 6 months he moved to $13,000, and by a year and a half was at $18,000 a month, all from building a list, and managing the dollars per list member per month. He actually had one list that moved from $1 per list member per month to $5 by moving some of his lower paying customers into a new level of coaching, $90/month email coaching and teleworkshops.

So where are you now?

  • What’s your current list building strategy?
  • How many a month are you adding to your list?
  • What’s your open rate when you send to that list? Is there an opportunity there to increase that open rate by several times?
  • What’s your click through rate? Again, is there an opportunity to increase that by several times?
  • How many do you have in your list now? And where do you want to be next month? In 6 months? and 12 months?
  • How many dollars are you making per list member per month? And is there an opportunity to increase that by many many times?

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