How to Get More Clients by Putting Giver’s Gain On Stereoids

BNI (Business Network International) is always pushing “Giver’s Gain” as a great way to get business. I agree, and have been using it myself for some time. The more people you help, the more people that will help you connect with those you’d love to connect with, and the more they buy from you, and the more they’ll give you great referrals.
But, there’s a difference between how most people practice giver’s gain and what I’m about to tell you, a BIG Difference!
Usually, giver’s gain plays out with the wrong focus, meeting new people, and looking for LITTLE ways to help without giving TOO MUCH of their time or money. Most of the time people are looking to invest JUST ENOUGH time or dollars to impress the person they meet with. Most of the time they spend their time getting to know the person to figure out either what they could sell each other, or what lead they could connect them with.
But, I’m going to make a suggestion that will turn that concept on its head.
Just a little twist in our way of thinking about networking, about giver’s gain, will lead to us getting more clients, A LOT more a lot faster.


First, let’s find some of your IDEAL target market people. Let’s say that we are going to find 5, but the 5 of the greatest that you can possibly find.
And you aren’t going to just work around the edges to see how you might give this person a small lead, or anything like that.
In fact, we are going to identfy 5 who not only need what you have, but because of who they are are the most likely to succeed, who have the most money, who know the most people in the world.
And, we are going to take ALL 5 and GIVE THEM EVERYTHING, the whole ball game.
It could be that you’ll put these 5 together into a mastermind group, or that you’ll coach or consult all 5 individually. But you WILL make absolutely sure that you give them the top of the line full blown coaching and results, and the ONLY thing You’ll ask of them is that they give you not one, but several referrals. And that you won’t hold them to those referrals UNLESS you deliver the most mind blowing change and growth to their business that they’ve EVER experienced. If you don’t deliver, then all bets are off, and they don’t owe you a thing.
You are going to walk away with 5 of the biggest, happiest, most satisfied customers you’ll EVER have. You’ll have the best testimonials you’ve EVER had with numbers that show HUGE outcomes.
And they will start calling everyone they know for you.
WhenI say give them EVERYTHING, there is a limit. It’s all in how you design this. Let’s say that you are going to coach these 5 for one month, two months, or even  months, you decide. But the goal is that you coach them until they get the results you and they want them to have. And you’ll also choose a fairly significant and impressive outcome to lead them to. This isn’t about cutting corners. THis is about BLOWING THEIR MINDS about what coaching can do, or what ever it is that you do can do.
So, if you can do some pretty impressive things in a month, do it. If it takes 6 months then make that commitment right now.
But when you get done with these 5, you will have referrals to 10 or more just like them, and these will be paying customers.
This may seem like it’s a big commitment, and it is, but it’ll change your business. If I coach 5 people, 2 hours a week, that’s only 10 hours, and many of us spend more than 10 hours a week networking that leads to very little, or nothing, or wasting our time in other endeavors.
This will be very productive, as long as you blow their minds with the results you help them achieve. From this point onward you will have more clients than you can ever handle.
Alan Boyer
Shortcuts to your first $100K (or many more) within a couple of months

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