How to Get an Appointment with Almost Anyone Anywhere Anytime

Would you like to have a tool that would almost guarantee that you could get an appointment with almost anyone anywhere anytime?

How to get an appointment with almost anyone you call, and at least 75+% of the time.

I’ve even used this to set up networking events with some of the hardest to reach CEOs and execs in some of the top businesses. It doesn’t matter who, what, when, or where, this whole things works almost every time.

There are two key things,

  • LinkedIn and
  • “Make it about them and not about you”

and you have an appointment. Actually you could use the “make it about them” principle with almost any source of people, but also combining that with LinkedIn just adds more one tool that will increase the percentage of times they will respond.

If there is anything you can learn about marketing or networking that will literally change EVERYTHING for you it’s “keep it about them” and find a way to reach “them” where you have some common ground.  Starting with something in common starts by having one step up. After all everything is about developing a relationship, and starting ahead of the game helps. LinkedIn, a lodge, a social organization, a trade association, chamber, etc. are just some ideas to consider.

LinkedIn is a way of reaching beyond the common social organizations, chambers, etc. to extend your reach to those you don’t know yet but you’ve already got something incommon.  When somone has joined LinkedIn, most of the time the reason they joined was to

  • make more contacts
  • get more clients
  • find strategic partners to refer back and forth, or to work together to grow each other’s business (a form of networking)
  • grow their business

Therefore, if you call anyone on LinkedIn to offer to help them with any of those, MOST of the time they will happily take your call. Not all of the time, but most of the time. The times they don’t usually are because that person doesn’t understand why he joined LinkedIn. He probably joined because someone told him that he should, but his mindset isn’t into using LinkedIn to connect, or to grow his business. So, focus on the fact that a large percentage will respond if you follow these principles.

Connecting with Top CEOs

Let me tell you a story. Some time ago I created a networking group in Kansas City that I called, Top CEOs of Top Businesses in Kansas City. I used LinkedIn to identify CEOs from some of the major companies here.

CEOs network for different reasons than small business owners. Where small business owners are out looking for business, and those who can connect them with potential business, CEOs are a different sort of animal. They aren’t networking to grow their business, but they will network to meet other CEOs, to extend their contact sphere, or other companies where just knowing them will further increase his reach at the level he’s at.

So, when I called, that was what I offered. Here’s how a typical call went.

Hi, George. I saw you on LinkedIn. I’ve put together a small group of the Top CEOs in the city for a luncheon every Thursday at _________ restaurant. (Then i’d mention a name or two of high level CEOs who had already said yes, which sort of primes the pump even better).

At times I was even surprised at the fact that I got right through, past that gate keeper that had put up roadblocks before, and right into the CEO’s office of the biggest corporations around here.

It was usually a small group of anywhere from 4 to as many as 10, but it opened doors, and I almost always got them to the luncheon, and got a follow up one on one appointment later. It established me as a “connector”.

Frequently, after grabbing some of the big corporation CEOs, I’d reach out to smaller companies, $50M to $100M+ range.

As a business coach, I rarely do business with those BIG CEOS, in the $1B+ range, but having that reach made me desirable to the $50M to $100M+ CEOs and execs. Therefore, reaching out to them while mentioning bigger CEOs  would be at our next meeting, then the smaller CEO would do almost anything to make it to that luncheon.

You see how “making it about what they want and need” can get you an appointment with almost anyone anywhere at anytime?

If I had called them and said “I am a business coach” I’d have never gotten past the gatekeeper, and if I had very few of even the smaller CEOs would have responded, at least until they started hearing about me as someone who could connect them to almost anyone around KC.

Here’s another approach to get through to almost anyone anywhere at anytime.

I use this principle to get appointments for some of my mid-size clients. For instance one was a homeland security company, a $40M Chicago company who wanted to expand nationwide. They were looking for IT companies in each of the major cities to sell and install their products to the city governments of those cities.

It was EASY. Just keep in mind:

  • “It’s about them” and
  • Don’t try to sell.

We’d target a city for the week, then do a search on LinkedIn for an IT company in that city. ‘

Sometimes I’d add other criteria in the keyword search on LinkedIn, such as “security”, “police”, and “IT”. Once I had identified a list of companies, instead of using the LinkedIn introduction system, or internal email, I’d go to the company website, or online directory for that city and look up the company and phone number. Then I’d call directly.

The call would always be “about them”.

Hi George, I see that you have an IT company in ________(city). I am working with a company who’s looking for an IT company to support them in your city.

Notice how I didn’t start the call with

Hi George, I’m calling for XYZ company (about me, not them) who sells homeland security products (about me, not them) and we are looking for someone in your city to sell our products (about me, not them).

See how different those to approaches are  . . . and why they took my call?

The first indicates that they will potentially have a sale by taking my call, and they will. By strategically partner with my client, they will increase their sales by $4M and up yearly of both their own services and my client’s products, plus it’ll open more doors for them around the city. And that’s how we position ourselves instead of calling to sell something.

In fact, even after we get them into a discussion, I’ll make sure that they understand we are seriously looking and are very selective. That makes them WANT TO SELL me on them, a total turnaround from the traditional cold call approach.

Using that approach has typically gotten nearly 100% acceptance of the call, and well over 75% actually wanting to talk with my clients.

It’s all about using LinkedIn as common ground, and making the call “about them”.

Even if they aren’t THE IDEAL client I’m exploring with them what they want from LinkedIn and how we’ll work together to help them with that. At some point it will become obvious that they KNOW SOMEONE I’d like to know and that I know someone they’d almost do anything to get introduced to.

Here’s another way to reach almost anyone. Find the ideal networking connection on LinkedIn. The “ideal” is either somenoe who IS your ideal client, or who is doing business with your ideal client, or who knows your ideal client. a little thought here will go a LONG ways.

You can use the advanced search on LinkedIn to find someone by company name, by industry, by title, by keyword, by geographic location. You’ll have a working list in front of you. Read their profiles to understand them, their company, and what they’ve done.

Then call them. Don’t attempt to use the LinkedIn emails. That takes too long, and many may never reply. I use Yahoo Yellow Pages set to their city, find their company name, to get their phone number. Then I call.

It’s easy to start the call talking about them. Mention that you are looking for ________ (fill in the blank with who they are, a carpet cleaner, an executive in the IT industry).

Or another approach is to mention that you found them on LinkedIn and you are wondering how they are using LinkedIn, or how well it works for them. Most will not have used it very well. So, you might offer, “I’d like to learn more about what you do. Let’s meet over coffee __________ (name time and place) and share some leads and ways to get lots of clients from LinkedIn.”

Notice how that’s about what they want?

That typically gets 75% or higher appointment rates.

Even when you get the meeting, keep it mostly about them. After they’ve told you about them, they will ask about you and you’ll have the opportunity to lay out the RESULTS that you get with clients. If that’s compelling, and if he’s either an ideal client, or knows one, you’ll get the next step.

Alan Boyer

The $100K Small Business Coach

A shortcut to Your First $100K in Your Business (2nd, 3rd, or even more) within a couple of months

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  • Sophie says:

    Thank you your posting – very informative!

    Help –

    I’ve started working as a Commercial Collector for a collection agency for about 30 to 45 days. I have never heard so many “NO” we do it all in house in my entire life. “It is like I am trying to steal money right out of the phone”. Please send suggestions or advise on scripts how to communicate with the decision maker. “Please make it about them – is the best solution I’ve heard all day. I’ve done sales ever since I was 18, never had this much issues before. Please keep your comments on business & collection related topic. “Thank you so much”

  • Alan Boyer says:

    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I am receiving so many comments that I didn’t see yours in the pile.

    In any case, to answer your question about getting so many “No’s” and that they already have someone collecting for them.

    I have had a client in exactly your business with exactly that same problem.

    Usually the best approach is to simply ask them something like, “I’m glad that you already have someone your are happy with. What one thing would take that to the next level, that would literally make your business even more successful?”

    Usually, for collections, it’s a faster turn around of money, or bigger collections faster. You will need to do some calculations yourself before you talk to one of these opportunities. I’m trying to remember, it seems that the typical collection was about 15% of the total amounts that were in default for that company. So, if you could collect 30% you’ve doubled their return, and they’d hire you over the other company. Or if you took on the hard-to-collect ones, that the other company isn’t collecting, how many dollars more would you make for them.

    Another approach is to give them a sample, let them try you out for 30 days while they are still working with the other company as well.

    I realize that you are likely “in the trenches” and not one making the decisions or setting the strategies for your company, but you are “on the front lines” and might be able to go to your boss, or even higher to make suggestions on how you could get more sales.

    As you said, it’s all about them. And the “about them” is usually presenting a better value than your competition. Value will get you the job, and also reducing risk of trying you out.

    Alan Boyer
    Helping businesses reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop playing in the kiddie pool when attracting new clients.

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