How to Get 10 Times More Clients from Your Article Marketing

Do you look at your article marketing stats?  There is gold in them thar hills. Are you looking at them and managing them?

Here’s how to increase your article marketing results 10-50 times.

I was working with John, one of my clients who had discovered that article marketing could bring him a significent number of clients. We went back to look at this statistics.

We discovered that he had some articles that were getting viewed a lot (some were getting 50 or more reads a day), but the click through rate was low, around 1%. And other articles were getting viewed 1 or 2 times a day but were getting 30+%  click through rates.

By the way, EzineArticles considers 10% click through rate good, so a click through rate up into the 30+%  region is fantastic. However, when it doesn’t get read very much a high click through rate just isn’t going to deliver very much. At 1 read a day, even with 30% click through rate it would take 3 days before John would get a click through.

By studying what makes the articles that get read over 50 times a day better than those that get only 1 a day, the opportunity is there to increase the number of reads consistantly by 50 times.

By studying what makes the click through rate 30+% on some articles as compared to 1% on others, once fixed, you have the opportunity of raising the 1% click through rate to 30%, or an increase of 30 times the click through rate.

Let’s compare

Low read rate articles, with high click through rate

  • Daily reads…X…Click through rate….=…Total click
  • …….1……….. X………….30%…………..=…0.3 clicks/day

Low click through article, with high read rate

  • Daily reads…X…Click through rate….=…Total click
  • …….50……… X………….1%……………..=…0.5 clicks/day

Notice that both approaches were just not delivering much. One would take 3-4 days before getting a click through, and the other every couple of days.

But if we fix both of those issues

  • Daily reads…X…Click through rate….=…Total click
  • …….50………X………….30%……………=…15  clicks/day
  • That increased the number of click throughs from 0.3 to 15 click throughs a day per article, an increase of 50 times. 

    What makes the difference?

    Increased reads

    The biggest impact on reads are two things

    • Search engine optimizing the article around search words that are searched for the most
    • Writing a title that GRABS ATTENTION. That means writing the title based on something the reader wants, usually about his pain, a solution to that pain, and the VALUE that he’d get from getting the solution you’ve proposed. It’s not hard to get your articles read at least 10 times more than other authors in that topic IF you get the title right.

    Increased Click Through Rates

    Click through rates are controlled by

    • Quality and perceived value of the article. Do they finish reading it?
    • Whether the article provides VALUE to the reader, and shows the value that others have gotten by using what you say in the article. Use stories and testimonials that show the value others have received in dollars and cents, time saved, number of clients, profits, revenue, etc. Make the value that someone received from doing what you say very clear, tangible.
    • Call to action — Although we cannot see how many people finish reading the article, the next step after finishing reading is the call to action, so the actual click through rate indicates both “finishing reading” and “the power of the call to action.” So, a good call to action will follow through with the thoughts started in the article with an offer to help go yet another step further with a more detailed ebook, white paper, or ongoing emails and newsletters.

    Compare where you are now to other authors in your topic, and to some of the figures I gave you above and actively manage moving your results up into that range.

    For instance, how many more clients and click throughs would you get by getting the number of readers you have now up to 20, 40, or even 50 a day?

    How many more clients would you have if you  increased your click through rate from where it is now to even the 10% that EzineArticles recommends, and then up to the 30% or so area?

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