How to Get 10 Times More Business From Your Article Marketing

Most of us are out there WRITING new  stuff like mad. It’s likely that you are leaving the biggest opportunity to grow your business through article marketing laying right on the table. Use your authors tools to review your existing results. You will find that some articles have been read WAY more than others. And you will also discover that some have WAY more clicks than others.Did you ever ask yourself why those articles stand out above the others?

There are a lot of things to learn from this.we can get more from those that are already outperforming by tweaking them slightly, and then we can learn from what is outperforming to apply to new articles.

I’ll guarantee that you’ll be able to increase the results in both cases by 5-10 times.

Get more from those already outperforming

Take the articles that are already outperforming and capture even more from them than we are likely to ever get from writing new articles

The ones that have more reads than the others — There are two reasons that these are outperforming. One is that the title is grabbing more people, pulling more people in — learn from that to apply to your new articles. And the 2nd reason is that it is very likely that this has caught the attention of a search engine.

Actually, there are two levels of “‘catching the attention of the search engine.” The first is whether you’ve actually gotten  search engine position outside of the ezine. That will bring the most traffic. And the other is that it is actually far easier to get the notice of Google within the ezine search so that you are the top article listing for a specific search word when people are searching for that keyword inside of the ezine.

Discover what search words are working and how those are working for this article. It’s likely the keyword is in the title, and is being used somewhat liberally throughout the body. Also pay attention to THAT specific keyword, as it’s likely that it’s also searched more than other keywords, which is why this article stands out.

Now, use that same keyword more often in future articles.

How can we use what we’ve learned to improve THIS article?

How can we take this article and get 5-10 times more from it?

  • Articles that are read THE MOST

If this article is already read the most, then our greatest opportunity is to spend some time to get more clicks from this article. After all, if this is read 10 times more than other articles, but it’s only geting 1-5t% clicks, then by raising the clicks up to 10% to 30% will increase the results you get from this article by 10 times or so.

Let’s say that the article was read 1000 times, and had only 1% of those clicking.

1000X1%=10 clicks, and eventually sign-ups

compared ot an article that’s read 100 times with a 1% click

100×1%=1 click

Now, let’s crank that up to 10% reads

1000×10%=100 clicks, or sign-ups

For a little work, less than we’d spend writing a new article, we got 90 more clicks or sign-ups than before. If a regular article only got read 100 times and got 1% click through, that would be only 1 click. So, for about the same time we’d spend writing a new article we got 90 times more clicks or sign-ups.

So, how do we do that?

The measurement of a successful article is how many people finish reading it, and then do what you asked them to do at the ned.

So, study the articles that are getting the most click throughs, are you building more interest? Are you building more compelling reasons to do what you want them to do? And, finally is your call to action at the end more compelling, or stronger in some way?

  • Articles that have the most clicks

Let’s be sure that we are looking at this the right way. This isn’t necessarily going to your authors tools and looking to see which ones have the most clicks. The MOST clicks are influenced by not only the click thru rate (the percentage of those that start reading who click at the end), but these are influenced also by the higher views.So, what we are after here are the articles that have the highest click thru rates, the percentage of those that started reading (the views) that actually clicked on the article.

If we find those articles that have the highest success of converting readers into na action, we can learn why that article was more successful and use it in future articles.

For this article, that already has a very high click thru rate, all we have to do is increase the number of views and we’ll have an even greater winner than we’d have if we wrote a totally new article, and in about the time it will take to write a new article.

So, how do we do that?

First, go to Google Keyword tool. Type in the keywords that you’d use to find an article like this. Study the list of keywords and the number of searches for each keyword you get.

Google will give you a list of keywords that are similar to the one you typed in, and the number of people searching for each of those keywords.

It is likely that you will see that a certain version of your keyword actually gets a LOT more searches than the one you used. Or, as you review this list it just might seed your brain with another version of “how to search for this” that you should try. Type it into Google Keyword tool.

Once you find the ones that are searched for the most, rewrite your article around that word.

Make sure that you place the keyword in the title, in the summary, in the body text at about 2% to 3% of all words, and in the keyword list. You have a search engine optimized article that’s likely to be found by LOTS more people.

And because this one already gets a higher click thru rate you will end up with at least 10 times more people clicking than you did before.

In other words you’ll get more from rewriting existing already high performing articles than you will from writing new ones.

Watch your author’s tools to see if what youve done actually starts improving the overall results within a week or two. It should, but if it doesn’t you’ve not got it right yet. Tweak it again. You’ll learn what makes this work, and you’ll get GOOD at multiplying the results from your article writing far more than you’d get from just continuing to write more new articles.

I’m not encouraging you to stop writing new articles. You have to have articles to rewrite. But, by spending a little time every week or so reviewing what’s been working at the highest rate you will learn how to write new articles that produce more, and you’ll find articles that you can rewrite that will produce at least 10 times more than writing a new article.

Over time, you’ll discover that your existing articles will steadily be producing more and more and your overall clicks and sign-ups will skyrocket.

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