How to Bring Dozens of Visitors to Your BNI Chapter

Up until recently I held the record for bringing the most visitors. I’ve been sharing how this works with a few, and last month someone in my chapter decided to try it out for themselves. Now they are the new leader with around 35 visitors.  This really is a killer concept! Try it . . . it will SURPRISE you.

Why should you bring visitors?

Well, my reason was two fold,

  • One was that about half of those that come as my visitors do business with me in some way.
  • The other is that, as a coach, I believe that I have to live what I say. In other words if I am to be believed that I help grow businesses quickly, then I’ve got to lead by example. I’ve got to be good at bringing in new potential clients to my chapter.

In any case, read on. I’m about to show you how to grow your chapter, AND your business RAPIDLY.

Here’s a clue. There are between 250 to 500 people A DAY joining LinkedIn right here in Kansas City. These are people who are looking for a great networking opportunity, and for new business.

They are an ideal fit for BNI. In fact they are looking for something just like BNI. Therefore, when I hear someone in BNI saying that it’s hard to find visitors, it’s obvious they aren’t aware that LinkedIn is exactly where there are hundreds of them actually begging for what you have.  250 a day is 1,750 people a week, or 7,500 a month. And you say it’s hard to find someone? Nah, it’s easy.

Now, I’m also going to share something else with you that will not only help you get tons of visitors, but it will also help you get tons of new prospects for your business as well. In fact, this is a tool I share with my coaching clients that nearly explodes them right out of the gate. So, please!!!! Grab this and RUN! In fact, if you try it and struggle to make it work, don’t. Call me, I’ll offer to help any of my friends in BNI to coach them for free to get this kind of result.

When I use this 75% of the people I call show up as a visitor at a BNI meeting. You can apply that to your business as well.

The trick to getting that kind of response rate to your calls is very simple. But, because most people do this wrong, that’s why they swear cold calling doesn’t work, and why most of their other forms of marketing, networking, newspaper ads, brochures, are getting abysmal results.

Here’s the trick. Marketing is not about You, your products, or your services. It’s about what the prospect wants and needs.  And I know that almost everyone spends time talking about what they do, or their products or services. That doesn’t work well.

And no matter how hard that is to believe, TRY IT! You’ll see what I mean. Use this principle with to get BNI visitors and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

Use LinkedIn to search for your ideal visitors. If you want you can look up a specific industry that you need in BNI, or you can just search for those that joined within the last day or two. After all, there will be 250+ in that list. You’ll have your hands full.

As I said above, when you call, make it ABOUT THEM. Although you may believe that you are making this call to SELL BNI to someone, DON’T. Make the call ABOUT THEM, and you are virtually guaranteed that they will not only take the call, but will be excited that you did.

Here’s a simple script I use.

Hi George. I saw that you recently joined LinkedIn and see that you are a _____[name what they do]. I’ve been looking for a _______[name what they do]. Can you tell me about your business and why anyone should use your services?

Notice something here? This is ALL about him, nothing about BNI or my business. When marketing successfully it ALWAYS has to be about them and what they want. For the next 5 minutes or so you won’t say anything as you listen to him excitedly talking about his business. Actually, it’s likely that he’s now on his sales pitch. So, listen intently, and even, once in a while interject, “Wow, George, that’s great. I haven’t run into anyone quite like that!” Of course, be real, but be complementary as well.

After he has wound down a bit, you’ll have another opportunity to start bringing him in toward BNI, but, even then, it is about him, and not about BNI, so don’t go into a sales pitch of BNI. Keep it about him.

“Wow, sounds great! I’m in a group of top CEO’s and business leaders of Kansas City who have been looking for a ___________[name what he does] for some time now. They are pretty selective, so no one has been selected as yet. Would you be interested?

 In fact we are interviewing for the right ____________ [name what he does] for some time. Based on what you just told me I’d like to introduce you to the group on __________ [meeting date and time, and location]. 

You should easily get 75% of those you ask to come. If you aren’t, call me, 816-415-8878. I will help my friends at BNI learn to do this, and even apply it to your business. I will help you, no charge.

Can you afford to not develop a killer skills to get new clients like this for free?

By the way, for my friends at BNI you can join the $100K Business Toolkit club to get hand holding, coaching to build your business. The first month is $1, and only $29 after that. Less than the cost of the books you’ve been spending money on to find the answers to growing your business. But, in this case you will have not only A COACH but many coaches, and other owners who’ve been there, done that, and SUPER BUSINESS BUILDING ideas. They are MULTIPLIERS of business.

Check it out risk free at$100k-business-tool-club.htm

Alan Boyer

The $100K Small Business Coach

Helping businesses get on track to another $100K in 2 months or less.

6 Responses to How to Bring Dozens of Visitors to Your BNI Chapter

  • Great post, thanks! Maybe you could do a follow up article about this?

  • Alan Boyer says:

    Actually I do have another one, but without the BNI focus. Using the same principle, I’ve written an article, “How to get an appointment with almost anyone anytime anyplace”.

    Using the same LinkedIn to find the person you want to meet with, and following the principle that if you are calling with their interest in mind, what they want, you can get an appointment with almost anyone at anytime and anyplace.

    Most anyone on LinkedIn want to “build their business,” “get more clients”, “make more networking contents”, “get leads and referrals.” So, calling to meet with them for any of those purposes they will very likely meet with you, and if you are helping them they will, in turn, help you do any of those things, and possibly other things.

  • Joanne Element says:

    Hi Alan
    I am a member from the Staines BNI Chapter in England and came across your entry. I think this is a brilliant idea and want to do it here in England. I have a Basic LinkedIn account, I presume I do the search through the search box in the top right hand corner by selecting ‘Companies’. Do you have any further advice for how I start doing this? Thank you for any help.

  • Alan Boyer says:


    Yes, use the advanced search in LinkedIn, and narrow your search down to the mileage radius you want for your BNI group.

    You can also search by industry group, or how long they’ve been a member of LinkedIn. Sometimes I search for those that joined in the last day or last week because they are looking for a networking experience right now. At other times I’m looking for a specific industry and then I’ll search over a longer time of membership. Usually a month or two so that I have enough people from that industry on the list.

    The other key point is: Keep it about them and not about BNI. The results will be multiples different. So, when you call, try something like this.
    Hi George, I saw you on Linked in. I’ve been looking for a plumber for a very long time and, do you know how hard it is to find a really good one? So tell me about you and your business.

    At that point shut up. Let him talk.

    When he’s done, tell him that you are a member of a group of the top CEO’s and business owners in the city who have been looking for a GOOD plumber (or whatever his industry). Tell him how “selective” you guys are, and don’t want just anyone. And, you liked what he said so you’d like to introduce him to your group.

    At this point he’s probably frothing at the mouth to get introduced. So tell him how “plumbers” tend to get lots of referrals from some of these top business people and would he like to come to your meeting on ________ so you can introduce him to the others.

    Notice, how I didn’t talk that much about BNI and everything was focused on him? That’s why this works.

    Too many call up and say “I’m from BNI, we are a referral group . . . dah dah dah . . . ” and it’s all about BNI. That doesn’t work anywhere near as well as this.

    I get about 75% of those I call showing up at BNI, and about 1/2 of those that show up do business with me. So, frankly, I can generate my own leads and sales from BNI without even having to wait for referrals from others.

    Let me know how it works for you. Or if you’d like to tweak it to make it really work, email me, and I’ll help you with it.

    Alan Boyer

    Helping small businesses reach $100K and more within weeks

  • Bryant Sake says:

    I’m extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog like this one these days..

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