How Much Have You Spent on Your Website for ZERO Results?

Most business owners spend good money on their website only to get ZERO results.

What’s the problem?

Let me ask some important questions.

  • Traffic
    • How much traffic do you have
    • Are you actively driving traffic to your website, search engine positions, links from other sites, writing articles?
  • Conversion rate
    • What you say, and how you say it on your website has a conversion rate.
    • What percentage of those that land there actually contact you, or do what you wanted them to do?
  • Do you have an internet marketing strategy — in other words how does the internet work with your overall strategy?
    • Have you developed a marketing message that COMPELS people to act?
    • And what is the conversion factor for that marketing message whether you use it on the internet or in other forms of marketing?

I’d bet that when you hired that web developer that you thought he’d deliver a website and the next day you’d have people calling you. Am I right?

One of the problems most business owners have is that they thought they were buying a complete package that would deliver a lot of calls.

In most cases that is wrong. Frequently web developers see their job as “turning on a website” and nothing more. Which means that your internet billboard is turned on, but not seeing on the internet highway, at least where people can see it. Therefore, we have to have an active plan to either get a search engine position, or drive traffic to that website from other resources.

And, don’t tell me you drive traffic to your site by handing out business cards. You might be doing that but take a look at the opportunities that are being missed.

You may pass out 5 or even 10 cards on the average every week. But there are hundreds, maybe thousands, or 10’s of thousands looking for what you do on the internet and you are missing those if you don’t have an active plan to be in a search engine position, or to drive traffic from other sources on the internet where those thousands are.

And, the other piece is CONVERSION, which is controlled by “what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to” on your website. Frequently your web developer’s skills are “software” or “graphics design” and not “marketing.” They may even call themselves web marketers, but it’s not likely that they have the skills necessary to write the content and the structure for your website that will COMPEL your readers to do what you want them to do.

Scan through my marketing articles for conversion, and for traffic to see how you can be in control of getting actual customers from your website.

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