Hey Coach — Here’s Another Approach to Getting Lots of New Clients, Pay Per Click

When I mentioned pay per click marketing (or Google Adwords marketing)  to coaches I can bet that most will go a-running, and bury their heads in fear.

It’s because they don’t understand that pay per click CAN be the fastest way to get clients, and they don’t understand why it’s so scary. But here’s how to get lots of coaching clients fast . . .

John, a consultant here in Kansas City had asked me to help him grow his business. He was nearly desparate to get clients fast.

The Secret to Getting Lots of Coaching Clients Is to Develop a Marketing Message that GRABS Them

We developed his marketing message so that it would attract more clients . . . faster. But then when we started talking about different ways to grow his business, ONE of those ways was a pay per click campaign. When we discussed the fact that the click thru cost for one of his keywords was somewhere around a couple of bucks, he turned white as he said, “What would happen if I got a few thousand clicks overnight?

My response to that was “Wouldn’t that be great?” You see, he looked at marketing results far differently than I do. I saw that if he did get that many click thrus that he’d have a lot more opportunities to sell his coaching than he’d EVER had. But he was in near panic because he figured he’d have to pay $2 times 2,000 clicks = $4,000.

Well, besides the fact that we can set limits on the daily cost that would fit his budget, the most important thing in your marketing is

  • NEVER manage your marketing based on what it costs up front.
  • Manage your marketing based on what it costs to acquire a customer, and go buy some! Lots of them as a matter of fact.

Where 99% of the coaches who fear any marketing typically go wrong is that they try to “keep the costs down” by controlling what they spend on marketing up front.

 But, if I knew that every time I spent $200 I’d acquire a $1,000 a month coaching client . . . I’d be buying as many of them as I could. In fact, we should be looking to design our yearly results the same way. If I want to make $100K in coaching, consulting, or training this year, and each client would typically spend $10,000 with me over the year, I need 10 clients. And if they all cost me $200 each, then I will have to spend $2,000 on marketing this year that will turn into $100K. And if I want to make $200K this year, I will have to spend $4,000.

When you KNOW that your marketing message delivers at that rate the question becomes “How many of them do I want to buy” and you go do it.

Do you have a marketing message that delivers, and that you can depend on? Why not?

Would you like to develop one like that?

The key here is to DESIGN your marketing for the results you want. If I could spend $1,000 up front and know that that would land me 5 clients at $200 each and each of them would spend $1,000 a month for my coaching that’s a WIN. Not a cost.

In fact, you should ask yourself what you would be willing to spend and then design your marketing to work within it. Would you spend $500 to acquire a $1,000 a month client? I would. Would you spend even up to $1,000 to acquire a $1,000 a month client, maybe, especially if you knew you regularly keep them for many months.

Pay Per Click campaigns are great in that I can turn one on and be NUMBER ONE on Google 15 minutes from the time I turn it on. There just isn’t any other marketing tool out there that will work that fast. And, another advantage is that you don’t have to pay for it up front. You pay only when you get a click thru.

Compare that to direct mail. In direct mail you pay for the printing up front. You pay the mailing fees up front. And out of all of that mail you paid for and sent out, a few percent of those really could be your clients. And out of all of those would could become your client, a smaller percent will actually call you . . . those who do call are compelled by your marketing message. It either grabs them or it doesn’t.

In direct mail you pay up front, and wait for a small percentage to respond out of a large list who didn’t need you in the first place.

But, in pay per click campaigns, you don’t have to pay until they click on it. AND, ALL of those that searched with those keywords already were looking for someone like you. Your response rates should be much higher. And you pay only when they do click through.

But, here’s where it fails for coaches. Remember I said that the important thing is the cost to acquire a client, not the up front costs?

It’s Your Marketing Message That Delivers Prospects to You Consistently

(if your marketing message is consistently compelling)

Let’s take a look at why that is. Let’s say that you pay $2.00 per click to get a #1 position on Google. Let’s also say that your website marketing message convinces 1 out of 10 to call you to check out your coaching (or whatever else you wanted them to do). That says that you’d pay for 10 people to come to your website at $2 each to get that one call. That’s $20 for that lead.

Now, coach, if you have your sales down to a fine science, and close about 50% of those that do come to you to check you out. Then you will talk to two to get one coaching client. In other words, your cost to acquire a client is now $40.

I don’t know about you but I’d be BUYING as many of those as I could get my hands on. What’s that work out to be for your ROI? If you spent $40 to buy a client that spends $1,000 a month, that’s 250:1 just for the first month, and if they stay for a year it’s a LOT more.

So don’t go complaining about spending $2 for a click thru, or even spending $2 for each letter you send out if it brings them in at that rate. And it should if you have a good marketing message. THAT’S the part that coaches get wrong and why they panic at spending money for marketing. When the marketing doesn’t work the cost to acquire a client goes WAY up. But it’s not the fault of a pay per click campaign. Pay per clicks are FAR better than almost any other form of marketing. They are FAST, they can get you in front of as many as you want. But if you have a poor marketing message, frankly, any kind of marketing wouldn’t work.

Let’s go back through that scenario again, but this time with a 0.1% marketing response rate . . . which is where 90% of all coaches fall. A message that says “I am a coach” does not pull in clients. That and others coaches use tend to pull them in at around 1 in a 1,000. So, if we spent $2 for a click thru, and it took 1,000 landing on our website, or reading any other marketing material for that matter, then it would cost you $2,000 for a lead. And if you sold 50% of them, that would cost you $4,000 to acquire a client.

So, don’t blame the marketing media, pay per click, direct mail, or even networking. If you believe that networking is cheaper, and use the same marketing message, IT ISN”T CHEAP. Take whatever it costs you up front and multiply it by at least 1,000 times, and that’s the cost of a lead.

It all starts by getting your marketing message right. A good marketing message should be pulling the leads in at around 5% to 10% or even higher. 5% to 10% is considered good among most internet marketers, and a few of us get much higher than that.

It all boils down to getting a killer marketing message that convinces the viewer to WANT what you have. In fact, I prefer them CHASING after me than just showing interest.

Mark, an alternate energy and solar energy consultant suddenly saw the number of calls he got from his website go from zero to 3 a week using pay per clicks. In fact, we tested the market using a series of pay per click ads to see how many there were out there within a 50 mile radius of Kansas City. In that first week we found almost 2,000 looking, but by the time we narrowed down on the market that would actually call him and buy, he was getting 3 new clients a week from the website, those were $32,000 clients by the way.

Before turning on a pay per click campaign make sure to measure your conversion rate on the landing page. And if you aren’t getting a conversion rate that will bring clients to you at a rate you can afford, fix the marketing message and get the conversion rate up there. And then turn it on, and buy as many new clients as you want.

Alan Boyer

The $100K Small Business Coach

Shortcuts to your first $100K (or many more) in coaching/consulting/training within a couple of months

Check out the ebook “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” and learn how to develop a POWERFUL COMPELLING marketing message that will consistently deliver a large number of the people your marketing touches as prospects.


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