Google AdWords — Why is it Better than Other Paid Advertising Options

Google AdWords is one of the most popular focused advertising soloutions for advertisers wha are looking for a method of advertising that is cost effective.

Ads promoting products or services are displayed on Google’s search results pages and on Google partner sites within seconds of turning on the ad. Can’t beat that

Since Google is highly popular, you would be able to reach a large audience easily. Another advantage is that advertisers retain budget control, since it’s only when ads are clicked that the advertisers need to pay Google.

Therefore, you can be sure that this is a forthright resolution where you get your money’s worth. It isn’t difficult to create such ads, and once they’re displayed you can edit them whenever and in any way that you like.

And there’s no question that Google AdWords produces speedy results. This article will go over the many different benefits that come from using the AdWords program.  Adwords is effective and can be even more so for longtail keywords .

The first benefit you will notice is the ease with which you can use Google AdWords. In under half an hour you can create your AdWords account and have it operational. Once you create your account, you can straight away craft out a short ad and select the keyword phrases with the Keyword research tool provided by Google.

Once you’ve chosen your target keywords, you should formulate a daily budget and decide how much you are going to pay out per keyword. Then your ad is ready to go.

After you’ve double-checked all the details, you simply activate your ad and it will be displayed on the pages of the search results, along the right-hand side.

A really helpful feature that comes with Google AdWords is that it allows you to test 2 or more ads against each other targeting the same keywords for both the ads. Split testing your landing page is vital in order to keep your campaign relevant.

Running several ads helps you to see which ones are productive, and elminate or improve the ones that are not. Keep repeating this process and you’ll end up with the perfect ad that gets a high conversion rate.

You can also promote your own products with Google AdWords, which is a great idea if you want to expand your business on the long term. The difference between selling an affiliate’s products and selling your own products is when you sell your own product, you will get 100% of the profit earned and not a small percentage or commission. And if you choose, you can set up your own affiliate program and let other people promote your goods or services using AdWords. There is such a thing as super affiliates in online marketing that can generate more sales.

Google AdWords is an exceptional service that works for you when used correctly. If you’re new to the world of AdWords, take some time to familiarize yourself with the helpful tools available to you.

3 Responses to Google AdWords — Why is it Better than Other Paid Advertising Options

  • Alan Boyer says:

    Google Adwords, in my opinion, is one of the greatest things since sliced bread.

    You just can’t beat getting your ad right on the top of Google within seconds of turning on the ad.

    But there are some things you MUST know, and some things that are typically in most business owner’s heads as they attempt to use Google adwords, or, in some cases, avoid using Google Adwords.

    ALWAYS remember that when managing the “cost of your marketing” . . . it isnt'; the upfront costs that are important, it’s the “cost of acquiring a client” that is.

    When I tell my clients that an average cost per click in Google Adwords is around $2 to $4, the usually reply is, “Oh My God! What would happen if I had a couple of thousand clicks by tomorrow morning?”

    To which I reply, “That would be great wouldn’t it?”

    You see they are looking at the up front cost while I am looking at the potential results. If they had 2,000 clicks by morning, and IF their website converted at 10%, then they’d have 200 people begging for their products by morning. If they paid $1 per click, that would be at a cost of $10 each. So, if you sold products that generated an average $100 sale that would be a 10 times ROI, 1,000%. And where can you get that kind of ROI anywhere else.

    The key here is to always be in control of your conversion rate on your website landing page.

    Where most people go wrong is that the average website gets less than 0.1% conversion, that’s converting only 1 in 1,000 visitors. $1 click thru to that page would require 1,000 people to land there before you got one potential buyer, or $1,000 for that lead, and they haven’t even bought yet.

    So, for Google Adwords, they CAN be the greatest thing since sliced bread if you have your website landing page converting at a rate that delivers the best “cost to acquire a client” and that works for what you sell.

    That all means that you must DESIGN the system and not just turn on Google Adwords blindly. THEN it’s the best thing since sliced bread since you’ll have a cash flow within minutes.

  • Alan Boyer says:

    Another reason that Google Adwords is better than other forms of paid advertising is that most forms of advertising require that you pay up front.

    If you send out direct mail, you’ll pay weeks in advance to have it printed, and then another fee for mailing it. You won’t see a return on investment until the buyers start coming in much later. If you spend $0.50 to $1.00 to get your marketing viewed by 1,000 people, it’ll cost you $500 to $1,000 days or weeks before. You pay before they see your stuff.

    However, for Google Adwords, you pay ONLY AFTER they’ve clicked on it. By this time there are thousands of people who have seen it, but you pay ONLY for those that act on it by clicking. No money need be spent to have thousands view your ad. You only pay for those who do act on it.

    A great concept that most small business owners overlook.

    What would you do if someone said they would print your brochure and mail it without charging you? That’s what Google does for you with Google Adwords.

    Google has a new way that they are trying out that takes that thought even further. It’s called “cost per action.”

    The typical Google Adwords is called “cost per click” or “pay per click” because you pay only when the ad is clicked on.

    The new approach Google is testing out is called “cost per action” because this time you don’t pay until someone actually reads the ad on your website and then acts by signing up or by making a purchase. You define what the satisfactory action is that you are willing to pay for.

    Let’s take a look at the difference.

    For direct mail you pay days or weeks in advance for printing and mailing. You pay for people to view your ad who may never act on it.

    For Google Pay Per Clicks your ad is shown to thousands of people at no cost to you, and let’s say that 5% click on it, out of every 1,000 that see it (and cost you nothing for them to see it), 50 will click on it. You pay for that 50. That’s 50 leads. 50 go to your website. Let’s say that 10% of those buy from your. Then you make 5 sales.

    For Gogle Pay Per Action your ad is shown to thousands just like in the pay per clicks. You still get 5% clicking on it and going to your website, but you don’t pay for them yet. Then 10% act on your website by buying, and THEN Google charges you for the 5 sales. You only pay when they buy or signup or other action that YOU DEFINE.

    You will pay more per action than you pay for a pay per click, but this time it removes much of the risk of you paying when they might not act.

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