Getting PERFECT Clients… Ideal Customers

I’m sure that some time someone asked you to identify your ideal customer.

As a business coach, I ask that question a lot and I hear many different answers as my clients struggle to find what they believe is the RIGHT answer.

They usually start off by looking for what client will make them the most money, but, as soon as they say it, they’ll tell me that they could never work with that client. Either they are too big and don’t hire little guys like them.

Or sometimes my client just goes blank, and says “I can work with anyone. I have a broad market to choose from. Gee, in fact, it’s so hard to find a good client in that large list, how could I do any better by narrowing down to a much smaller market?” Well, the problem is that you haven’t narrowed down to find the customer that will be the most valuable to you, but you haven’t found the one that you can make the most difference to.

I’m going to challenge you even further than that. Your ideal customer, your perfect client may not even be any one of those things you’ve ever considered before.

Golden Egg vs Golden Goose — Ideal Customer –> Perfect Client

You may have heard the nursery rhyme about the Golden Egg and the Golden Goose. If we assume that the Golden Egg is one of those clients that would pay you lots more than you get now, or one that’s easy to get, or one where maybe you would get paid less per client but because they are easier to sell you’ll be selling them in volume which will make you lots more money.

The typical coach or consultant would be asking you how to find one of those and you definitely would leap forward making lots more than you do now, and probably doing it easier. But there’s even more out there for us to discover.

A Golden Goose is a company that once you get one, they’ll lay dozens of the Golden Eggs for you all at once. Our job is to not only describe, and find where your ideal customers, your perfect customers are, but we need to find the Golden Geese who’ll lay dozens of them right in your lap once you capture the Golden Goose.

Jim, a sign company owner client of mine had been selling very small signs, one or two at a time. He spent a lot of time trying to find a customer for a $24.95 sign. Hardly worth his effort. When I first approached him with the Golden Egg and Golden Goose he made some small strides. He found real estate companies where he could move a dozen signs to each of 20-30 real estate agents in one sale. A step in the right direction. But I wasn’t convinced we had a Golden Egg there. We certainly had a Goose Laying a dozen or so eggs for us, but the eggs just weren’t that valuable.

A dozen signs to 20 real estate agents is 240 signs, and at $25 each, that’s $6,000. And there were a few repeat sales, replacement signs coming in here and there, but it wasn’t what I’d call a GOLDEN Goose.

After some discussion about his ideal customer, a perfect client, he said that he was doing some fairly large signs for some of the new malls that are being built. These were a few thousand to 10’s of thousands of dollars each. Hmmm! Starting to look better.

Then we found the Golden Goose. He developed some contacts with the mall management companies. These COULD be our Golden Geese, but Jim didn’t see a way to show the mall managers that he had value for them.

A little more discussion, and we put a plan together that showed the mall managers that by placing signs in the windows of the empty stores that they’d fill them much faster. Jim made them a deal that they couldn’t refuse, a developed a message for his signs, and completely covered the windows of an empty store. He reduced the vacancy rate of that mall by over 50%. Now the mall manager uses Jim’s signs when a store is empty, and he also recommends Jim’s signs to every new store that opens.

Jim leveraged that even further. Some of the stores moving in were large franchises, and frequently he’d get a referral from that store to every other store in that franchise in town. Another Golden Goose. This time our first Golden Goose had laid another Golden Goose.

Jim developed a marketing message to take around to all of the mall managers around town about reducing their vacancy rate by 50%, and that he had generated around $30K of additional income per month that he had worked with the first mall manager. Suddenly, Jim had Golden Geese all over town.

Then he tried it again. This time he found a large construction company that had done some of the malls, but as they were building new stores outside of the malls he’d get the referral from the construction company to the store and would be installing the signs even before the store was complete. That increased yet again, this time to casinos where he got the referral from the construction company, but the one casino could be $100K of signs in one spot.

So, how do you find your Golden Goose? Find your perfect customer, perfect referral partner that’s worth a lot.


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