Getting New Customers the Fastest and Bestest Way — What Not to Do

In marketing ANYTHING, the first thing that has to happen is GET ATTENTION. If you don’t get attention before you go telling what you do . . . then NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. So how do you do that? And what SHOULDN’T You do that 99% of all business owners do anyway without thought?

I can’t emphasize enough about getting attention before you do anything else in your marketing, in your sales, in your networking, whatever. Yet, 99% of all business owners start with their name, their company name, and that doesn’t get attention. It turns people off.

And here’s some more Don’ts.

THINK about all of those annoying phone calls and how they start, or the direct mail that you get every day. You stand there scanning through the mail throwing 9 out of 10 letters and postcards away wthout ever reading anything.

They failed to get your attention.

This morning I have already received two incoming calls that I hung up on in less than a second. Why? They didn’t get my attention for anything of any value.

The first one started off with a fog horn. Yes it got my attention in some respects, it really p..ssed me off. It was almost ear splitting. Yes, that got attention, but the wrong way.

The next one started playing soothing music.

Neither of those signaled to me that they had anything I wanted to spend even another second to listen to.

But if they had started with something that IMMEDIATELY said, WOW, this is something I MUST HAVE, I would have at least listened to the rest of the message to determine if they had something that I’d want to know even more about.

Let’s say that you sell something that would help me grow my business further. Then would you start with music, or something that indicated you had something that would help my business. Would you start with a loud ear splitting fog horn that would definitely get me looking up from what I’m doing, or something that would literally PULL me into the call?

What does that, pulls your prospect intot he call, or into your brochure, website, or even when you are networking, that PULLS anyone you meet however briefly into WANTING to KNOW MORE.

Those things are not about you, your products, or your services. It’s about what the other person wants. So, NEVER, EVER start with your name, a discussion of your products, or services. No one cares . . . until they know that you have something that answers their problems which are

  • their pain, what are they struggling with, or something they would almost kill to do or achieve.
  • You have a solution TO THAT issue
  • And they want to know what the value of that solution is. In other words if you truly do have the greatest thing since sliced bread, saying “I am a _________ [put your own label in here]”

When you talk about you, your products,or your services you are ONLY ASSUMING that they know that a _______ will solve their problem. STOP IT. It doesn’t work. People don’t spend the time to figure out that you can help.

To get attention in less than 3 seconds, try something like this.

I work with ________ who struggle with __________, (then list HOW bad they hurt). I help my clients _________________________ (double, triple, multiply, their business, or achieve another $100K, $1M, or whatever).

Use that as a 30-second elevator speech in a networking event and IF that person standing across from you fits that “I work with _________” and “struggles with ________” you caught his attention. And when you gave him the other side of the story, how far your clients have gone and how valuable it was, I guarantee that person will say,

“Wow, holy smokes, how do you do that? I’d LOVE to talk with you.”

And how you use that marketing message in the rest of your marketing should be similar. Put it AT THE TOP, the most visible place. Take your name off the top. No one cares, and it doesn’t tell them why they should even listen further. But the other message does.

Try it. You WILL like it.

Alan Boyer

The $100K Small Business Coach

Shortcuts to your first $100K (and many more) within a couple of months . . . guaranteed.

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