Evaluate Your Marketing — Do You Know WHY Your Marketing Isn’t Producing Dozens of Calls a Week?

Here are some questions to help you evaluate your marketing. Just take your marketing materials or marketing activities and answer these questions about them.

  1. How many calls a week do you get? What percentage of “people that saw or heard your marketing” gives you a call?

Frankly, that’s the most important question you can answer about your marketing and it’ll give you two very important answers.

  • We want to know if your marketing message is working as good as it should (if you get at least 1% of those you touch with your marketing responding you are just barely working, but probably working better than 99% of most marketing; 5% if good, and 10% or better is so far above the crowd that you are an expert marketer)
  • The second issue is more about you and how you manage your marketing than about the material itself. If you don’t know the answer to these questions you aren’t managing your marketing and not in control. If you do manage the results then are you improving those results day after day, week after week. If you are then you probably are very successful in your business. If you don’t, then that’s one of the reasons you aren’t getting dozens of calls a week

2. Does the VERY FIRST thing you see in your marketing GET the ATTENTION of the reader

If you don’t get their attention with the first thing you present to them, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. I don’t care if you’ve got the greatest thing since sliced bread and have told them the best sales pitch in the world somewhere down in your marketing materials . . . if the first thing that they see doesn’t GRAB THEM and PULL THEM into your marketing material within 3 seconds then they are already throwing the material into the round file, the trash and not reading on.

What gets their attention?

      • Talking about THEM
      • Talking about their pain
      • Giving them a REASON to read this.
      • Giving them how much VALUE they would get from reading this
      • Providing a solution to their worst nightmare

Notice something there? None of this is about you, your products, or your services. That doesn’t get attention, only talking about them, their pain, a solution to their pain, and giving them a reason to read on will.

3. Is Your Company Name, Your Personal Name, or Company Logo RIGHT at the Top of Your Marketing? — DON’T!

This is sort of a followup to that last question. 99+% of all marketing starts out with a company name or logo, or possibly the person’s name at the top. That’s not an attention getter.

For instance, let’s say that my biggest problem in my business is “getting more clients” which probably means that I don’t have enough cash to pay the bills. Do you think that when I see “George Jones Company” or a logo that has taken that company name and presented it in a cute or pretty display will tell me WHY I should read on?

But what happens when you read a headline that says something like:

How to Get 10 More Clients NEXT Week

 with This Very Simple Change to Your Business

Then put your company name and the rest of your contact information at the VERY BOTTOM of the material. No one wants to know WHO you are until they know that you have something they want.

4. Does your marketing answer the questions that your prospects are REALLY asking? What are those questions?

Are you spending your marketing time telling them about the specifications or features of your products or other items about your products, or are you spending time leading the reader toward the end action you want them to do?

Marketing is FAR more effective when it changes direction from telling about products and services and starts leading them where you really want them to be and how you want them to act

When most people believe their job is to lead the horse to water, it really isn’t.

Your job is to make the horse thirsty.

Back to my original question, Does your marketing

 If you are spending your marketing time answer the questions that the reader is REALLY ASKING?

They want to know:

    • What is the answer to the problems they have
    • Out of all the options which ones is the best answer
    • Who has a solution to their problems
    • Who has the MOST VALUABLE answer to those problems
    • If you do answer those first questions THEN they want to know if they can depend on you (the order of your answers is important. Remember when we said if you didn’t get their attention nothing else mattered? Well the order of all of these questions matter. They aren’t interested in your experience, or credibility, or anything about YOU, your products or services,  until they know whether you can actually resolve their problems and that they know that YOU have the BEST and MOST VALUABLE solution to their problems. And even then, it really isn’t about YOU it’s only about you have THE BEST and MOST VALUABLE solution, so even when talking about you keep the focus on the RESULTS you provide, not your credentials.

5. Does your marketing follow a structure such as

      • Attention — Get their attention
      • Problem –talk about their problem
      • Solution — not giving them the whole details, but an Aha moment that some approach really does work, and that you could help them discover the REST of the solution.
      • Desire — after giving them a solution, tell them a story of a client who had that problem, and used this solution, who then had this kind of measurable outcome. The measurable outcome, but the way tells the reader what THE VALUE of that solution really is. Remember when I said that your job isn’t to lead the horse to water . . . it’s to make him thirsty.

By telling your reader how much value someone else got when doing what you are suggesting you are making him THIRSTIER. He already knew he needed this, but now he wants it even more. People making ALL DECISIONS and especially buying decisions based on perceived value.

They buy the MOST VALUABLE solution they can find for the money they will spend. Therefore, if you say something like “I am a _______” or “I sell a __________” there is no understandable value, or, at best the value is up to the reader. But when you can tell them a story of how much someone else has already gotten, and especially if you give them several stories they now know how much value is possible and that will make them THIRSTY for what you have.

Just think, a horse wandering into an oasis from the desert is already thirsty and looking for water. Don’t give him the water, help him become even thirstier and pretty soon he’ll do almost anything to get the water.

Wouldn’t you rather have your marketing material drive your prospects to BEGGING for what you have in place of how it’s been working before?

6. Do you have a STRONG, COMPELLING call to action at the very end?

No matter how well you’ve done all of the earlier steps, if you don’t tell them WHY to act, HOW to act, and simply what to do when with such a COMPELLING reason they simply won’t do it.

Make sure that your call to action always answers those questions, why should I, how do I get it, where do I get it, and how quickly must I do it or just maybe I won’t be one of those geetting it.

Although a powerful compelling WHY should I act must be there, it amazes me how often I see websites that don’t make it easy to contact the company so even if I’m prepared to act I can’t, or at least I’ll have to spend 20 minutes trying to find where I can on a back page somewhere on the site.

When I’ve asked people in my workshops why they don’t put contact information on their websites I get answers such as these:

    • I don’t want the spam that comes when someone finds my email on the website.
    • I’m a woman, and don’t want those strange people having my address.
    • I work from home and don’t want to look like a small operator

Let me tell you that when you put up any kind of barrier to them getting to you then the number of people who’ll jump through hoops to find out how to get hold of you will plummet to such low figures that your website, or other marketing material will be almost totally worthless. And when I say ALMOST don’t let that give you the wrong perception. The average website gets 0.1% response rate or less, or about 1 call every 10-12 months. And if you put up yet another barrier that would take you down another 0.1%, then 0.1% x 0.1% = 1 call out of 1 million people viewing your marketing, or your website.

Hmmph! Total WASTE.

So far, this whole article has been about your marketing message and how to increase the response rate, the percentage of people who respond. But, the other side of the marketing formula is “how many people get to see or hear that marketing message.”

If you aren’t evaluating your marketing weekly then you don’t know what’s working and what’s not, and you don’t know how to increase the number of clients you get, and the dollars you receive. In fact, by evaluating your marketing as well as DESIGNING your marketing to produce a specific number of new clients and dolalrs then you are in control of how many dollars you make yearly.

Wouldn’t you rather design how many dollars you make than to just hope and pray that new clients, and more dollars come in?

But that’s another article for another time.

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Alan Boyer

The $100K Small Business Coach

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