Double Your Business in Weeks? How Is That Possible?

A part of my marketing message used to be about “doubling your business within 4-6 weeks?” That came from several of my clients who had done it, in fact, had more than doubled. Some had doubled in the first few weeks, and then again, and again.

Yet, I frequently either hear “No way!!!”

So, I thought I’d show you right here how easy a “double your business” is. Actually double is almost a gi’me when the actual multiplier is usually a  lot bigger than that.

Let’s look at some examples.

Results from Your Website —

How many new leads, calls, signups, or whatever you call a new lead or contact from your website do you get?

In almost every workshop I do I ask people how many calls a month do they get from their website, and the answer is usually ZERO. When I ask them how many months has it been since they did get a call, the answer has seemed to come in around 10 months.

I assume that even a poor website gets at least 100 visitors a month. That means that that website is getting 100×10 months=1,000 visitors by the time it FINALLY gets a call. 1 call for 1,000 visitors is a .1% conversion rate.

So, to be conservative, the average traffic to call ratio for any of those websites is 0.1% or worse.

How hard would that be to double?

Conversion Rate Increase

If your conversion rate of any marketing isn’t working it’s a simple fix, get what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to right and the conversion rate goes up drastically. In fact, I’ve tested it with clients.

When most people talk about themselves, their products and services, a simple change to make your marketing message about the customer, his problems, call out to him with a Hey You statement the typical conversion rate goes up 5 to 10 times.

And that’s just making a first level change from talking about you to talking about them. It can go up even more when you start getting that statement more powerful and compelling.

Check out “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” to develop that marketing message to a really powerful state.

So, where ever you apply that marketing message will multiply your result more than a double. When the front end, your marketing, grabs the attention of at least 2 times as many people, the ultimate result will be to get at least 2 times as many clients as before.

But that’s the CONVERSION side of the coin. What would happen if you increased the traffic to the website, or to any marketing for that matter.

Tons More Traffic

 Just go to Google Keyword Tool and discover how many people are actually looking for what you do, and how they are looking.

When most websites have only the traffic that was sent to that website by handing out business cards, which is probably about 5-10 cards a week at maximum,  and also assume that probably less than 2 of those people handed a card actually go to the website, the total traffic to a website like that is  . . . about 2 a week, 8 a month.

Yet, when you look at Google there are thousands of people looking for what you do. With thousands of people looking for you how hard is it to go from 8 people a month looking at your website to 16, adding only another 8 people. It’s easy.

What is the possibility for that multiplier. HUGE. If you captured even one of the smaller keywords with a search engine position the amount of traffic can go up to hundreds quickly.

And there are so many different ways to get traffic.

  • Article writing  — Getting several people a day from each article written can multiply that traffic by several times for each article.
  • Pay Per clicks, sponsored listings — One carpet cleaner I worked with added another $60,000 a year to his business with pay per clicks within 3 days of turning on the pay per click. A Mary Kay lady went from one call a year from the Mary Kay national website to 70 new people on her website within 2 weeks, and 10 sales. What’s that multiplier? From one a year to 5 sales a week, 250 a year, a 250 times multiplier.

And, speaking of multipliers, even when people start “getting this idea” and start making it happen, frequently, we’ll dive back in and find yet another opportunity to multiply results. In fact, that’s what I’ve built my business around, “finding the multipliers.” They are all over the place.

A few weeks ago I was working on an email campaign with a client. First off, we discovered that his email open rate was already quite good, in fact it was around 30+% which is considered quite good even among the top internet marketers. So, it would be easy to let that slide as “acceptable” or even “fantastic” and not do anything about it.

We doubled it. By identifying what part of the list had not opened it, we resent that same email to those that had not opened it. We did that 2 more times, and each time we got a 30% to 40% open rate. The result was that in 2-3 more times sending it to people who had not yet opened it, the 30+% open rate ended up between 75% and 80%, more than doubling.

Of course doubling the oepn rate doubled the numbers that followed. It rippled all of the way to sales.

And, next we evaluated the click through rates of those same emails. We saw that there was a huge spread between emails. There were some at 0.5% click through rates, and some at over 20% open rates. We printed those two groups and within a minute or less discovered the difference and fixed it, taking all 0.5% click through rates to 20+%, that’s a 40 times multiplier.

Take the 40 times multiplier from increased click through rates times the double we got from an increased open rate, and that’s an 80 times multiplier.

So, doubling a business is easy.

There are so many opportunities to double you business. These are the obvious ones. When most small business owners have such bad mindsets about running a business, just getting them to focus on the right things can more than double business.

When the average sale close ratio for a start up business that doesn’t know how to sell is around 1 in 10, and sometiems worse, helping them get the sales process right can go to 50% or even better. I’ve seen some hit 90%, but that IS a rare bird. In any case going from 1 in 10 to 5 in 10, is a 5 times multiplier.

When the average directly mail response rate nationwide is 0.5% to 1.0%, moving to the 5% to 10% area is a 10 times increase just by getting the marketing message right. AND, many small business owners don’t even get the 0.5%, some are getting less than 0.1% as proven by the website conversion rates. If they are saying that marketing message on their websites you can be sure they are using that same message in every form of marketing with similar results.

It goes on and on as to how many and how big are the multiplier opportunities in a business.

Doubling a business is relatively easy.

Why doesn’t it happen more often for business owners? Frequently it comes from experience. Their experience has been that they way they do things now every thing was like pulling teeth, getting more new clients was so hard and so slow that they just can’t believe that a “double” is even possible.

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