Coach Marketing — Push or Pull Marketing –Are You Chasing Customers, or Are They Chasing You?

What kind of marketing do you do for your coaching? Push or Pull?

Why is it even important to know which one you use? One is a LOT easier and more effective that’s why.

Push marketing is where you are pushing your information out to the world. It’s also called interruption marketing where you push it under someone’s nose and hope to get there attention, and a few minutes of their time, interupting their day to day activities, and thoughts trying to get their attention..

Some examples of push marketing are  direct mail that you send out to hundreds or thousands, or radio or TV marketing. You push your marketing under their noses hoping it’ll get their attention and call you back.

Some of this group may be looking for what you do, but most are not. You are trying to be in front of them when and if a certain segment of all of those you touch need what you have.

Pull marketing or Attraction Marketing is attracting someone to you that’s actually looking for what you have, or the results you deliver. You are PULLING them in.

Search engine marketing and article writing on online ezines are a couple. Those looking for what you do on your website or ezine article by finding you on a search engine are actually trying to find you and your job is much easier. All you have to do is attract those that are looking to your listing because of it’s search engine position, and because of what you say, and how you say it.  

Just imagine how different those types of marketing are.

Push Marketing –We have to send it out to hundreds, or thousands, most of which don’t really need you right now. We have to keep sending it to be sure we are there at the right time for the few that will want or need you.

Pull Marketing — These people are already looking for you. If we choose the search words well, most of this audience will be close to buying in the first place. 

Your job is to attract the largest percentage of this group to your website and to your articles that you can and then convince them to contact you.

Don’t you think “getting them to contact you” should be a lot easier in this last case?

Now, here’s something that most of you probably don’t know about pull marketing that is likely to surprise you. It’s “How many people are actually looking for you pretty much all of the time.” And it WILL SURPRISE you.

Someone in one of my workshops asked what I’d do about the gaps. He believed that the process put the whole marketing thing into the prospect’s hands, waiting for someone to find him. But, in reality, if there are thousands looking for what you do, and there are, then we must be where we can attract those that are looking and there will be a steady stream of new prospects.

I was talking with Ken, who owns a construction company last Christmas. He was telling me how hard it had been for him to get clients. His push marketing hadn’t been working well. He listed several reasons why: recession when he believed people aren’t spending much money; the real estate market was at it’s lowest point (he said no one was building new homes); it was December and Christmas, typically the lowest point of the year for construction; it’s the worst time of the worst market he’s experienced; and his sales are ZERO.

Then I pulled up Google Keyword Tool, which shows how many people are looking for specific keywords on the Google search engine. There were 13,000 people even during the month of December (the worst month of the worst recession he’d experienced) looking for construction, remodeling, and a few other offshoots of construction, and those were all right here in Kansas City, which is not one of the largest cities in the country.

Wouldn’t you think that if there were 13,000 people looking that you should end up with a significant number of them calling you. In fact, if you had your website out there in front of them, shouldn’t they be CHASING you for a rare time slot. I’m very sure that there aren’t more than 20-30 contractors here in Kansas City to be spread around the 13,000 people actually competing to get Ken’s time.

Doesn’t that put the shoe on the other foot?

Now, how many people are looking for a coach? Well, that depends on what kind of coach.

Type of Coaching Searches/month  
life coach 366,000 /month
business coach 121,000  
Career coach 73,600  

If you have a search engine position on page one of Google, you should easily be able to get between 1% and 5% of those searching to your website. That would be 3,660 to 18,000 for life coaches, 1,200 to 6,000 for business coaches.

If your type of coaching isn’t listed go to Google Keyword tool yourself at the link I provided above and see how many people are searching for what you do.

Then ask yourself, are you getting your share of those searching to your website? And of those that do reach your website are you getting them to call you?

What you say, and how you say it on your website determine what percentage of that traffic actually calls you.  Are you getting 5%, 1%, or what most coaches are getting . . . less than 0.1%.  If you are getting a few thousand to your website monthly and still not getting a call you take a look at your marketing message.

It’s a simple fix. Review your numbers

  • How many are looking for you?
  • What percentage of those looking are going to your website?
  • What percentage of the traffic on your website are contacting you?

Assume that you should be getting 5% or more at each of those steps, and if you aren’t then fix it at that step.

How do you fix it? Simple. The percentage that respond depends strictly on what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to . . . your marketing message.

Would you like to develop a core marketing message that has people jumping into your shopping cart, chasing after you?

Check out, “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You

4 Responses to Coach Marketing — Push or Pull Marketing –Are You Chasing Customers, or Are They Chasing You?

  • Interesting article that you have. I stumbled on a new one the other day. They look open for business, but very similar to with more of a social business directory look and feel. Nice clean interface though. It’s at

  • I simply can’t believe how many individuals place spam on sites, specially personal blogs just for the sake of some link juice. I need to stay alert all day still with fancy plugins like Akismet. I don’t want to imagine what would happen to my sites if I didn’t had this kind of security. Get a solid job spammers!

  • Alan Boyer says:

    To Marketing Guidebook

    You may fear spam comments, but as Ilook at your website there is no obvious way to interact with your blog. What generates two way traffic to your blog is the ability to leave comments, and interact with those that come in.

    I’ve discovered that when I open the door to others, a lot of people come in. Sometimes it’s a spammer, and sometimes I get lots of junk email. But I also get more clients than most who are blocking the door.

    This stuff works well when you interact with those passing through.

  • fisting says:

    Thanks great website

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