Coach — How Does Your Marketing Score, Compare It To Others Right Here

Would you like to know how your marketing stacks up against your competitors, or against the world in general?

Knowing how you stack up against your competitors, and other small businesses whether a competitor or not can tell you a lot about your marketing, and what you need to do to get up to, or above the level of those you see around you.

Either you will learn how good you are, or how much you need to improve.

First off, I’ve found that what most people say in their website pretty much gives me an indication of what they are doing with their other forms of marketing, and the results are also pretty much the same. So, we can use a website as a baseline to find out what my competition is doing, and how I stack up in the world in general.

There are some good tools out there to help you do that.

I created a list of all the coaches around my region and compared our results. Then I moved to nationwide.

If you’d like to have a score of where you stand against others just email me, with “Give me my website ranking” and I’ll show you.

What are some of the measurements and tools.

  • Alexa —
    1. Alexa ranks the amount of traffic you get to your site against the whole internet world. So, if you get a rank of 1,000,000 then you are estimated to be about position 1,000,000 in the world for most traffic. You can estimate how much traffic anyone is getting by assuming that somewhere around 2,000,000 represents around 1,100 visitors a month. Someone at 4,000,000 is getting just about 1/2 that, and someone at 1,000,000 is getting just about 2 times that. By using the 2,000,000 rank equals around 1,100 visitors you can calculate just about how much traffic anyone is getting. I figure that someone under 1,000,000 is just starting to become a real internet player. Someone under 2,000,000 has a ways to go. The numbers range up to about 20,000,000 and then they are no longer ranked. Anyone not ranked probably isn’t getting 50 visitors a month.
    2. Websitegrader — — This also gives you an estimate for traffic, but, in addition it looks at the other side of that same coin, the conversion rate of your website. By looking at some of the things you do or do not have on your website it compares how good you are at both traffic and conversion. It gives you a score from 0 to 100%. Sort of like the grade you got back in school. It shocks most coaches and small business owners when they see how low their score is. I just ran a report for 40 coaches around me and most came out less than 10%. I’ve also run the report against some of the top internet coaches. Most are above 70%, but the best are above 90%. Learn from this report what’s missing on your site and fix it.

Join us on the $100K Marketing Club to get more business. One of the things we are working on is to get search engine position (for the traffic) AND the conversion for your website up there where it’s bringing you lots of clients.

The average website is producing less than 1 call a month. Are you getting even that? Would you like to start getting dozens of calls a month.

Join us on the $100K Marketing Club. The first month is only $1 and you will be getting pretty much everything that I provide my Mastermind Groups, and one on one coaching.  I will even be there to answer your questions, and to guide your through getting to where you want to be. It’s only a slightly turned down version of coaching to grow your business $100K in steps within months.

To Your Marketing Success

Alan Boyer

The Small Business Marketing Coach

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