Clients, Clients Everywhere and Not One That I Can Lay My Hands On!

Everywhere I look I keep finding clients. They are everywhere even in this so-called recession, that I think is about to become a full blown depression.

So, why is it that you are having problems getting clients?

Why is it that you aren’t finding all of those clients?

Well, I’ll tell you where they are, and how to get them, if you’ll just finish reading the rest of this article.

There are a couple of keys to this formula.

  • As Zig Ziglar says, “Find enough people to help and you’ll have everything you ever wanted out of life.”
  • Find a marketing message that causes them to CHASE after you instead of the chasing you’ve been doing after them.

That’s it. It’s that simple!

I’ve been where most of you small business owners have been, and it didn’t work for me either . . . until I caught on to the two points above.

Finding Enough People to Help

There are people everywhere needing help, but very few that want to buy what you have.

Huh? So how does that help me if no one wants to buy what I have?

There’s a little twist to understanding what I just said that most don’t get. I didn’t say that no one was going to buy what you have, only that when you approach them to sell them something they’ll almost throw you out of the door before you get the first words out of your mouth.

Just think about this for a moment. When you get a cold call, how long does it take you before you KNOW this is a sales call, and before you are either boiling, or hanging up? I used to tell my clients . . . about 3 seconds, but for cold calls I think it’s a lot less than that. We’ve all become tuned to any kind of marketing, and frankly, I get angry at it.

It’s said that we see or hear over 3,000 marketing attempts every day. Therefore we are tuned in before we immediately tune out. We are so attuned that we can detect a marketing or sales message in less than the first word, and we always get angry, hang up, or throw it out.

Just think how you react.

  • Cold call, you know by the tone, or by the first word, and are hanging up. And some of us don’t take any calls from an 800 number.
  • We read mail over the round file, throwing after seeing that the overall appearance looks like an ad . . . we rarely actually read what it says, and if we do it’s only the first few words or first line and then we angrily throw that darned thing out.

So, our target market already is looking to shoot something that looks like an ad, or a salesman.

But, do you know what? They still need our help.

So, how in the world do you get past that barrier?

Simple, really simple! Be there to help them get what they want. Don’t come on like everyone else does with their ads.

In a previous article, I suggested “Find 5 people to help, and then help them. Throw everything you have at helping them get what they want and they will appreciate what you just did. They won’t tune you out.”

There are so many people out there, especially in this recession, who desparately need your help, so go find them and help them. The twist I mentioned above is to not “look for a sale” but to “look for people who need your help and then actually HELP THEM!”

As I was doing some research for one of my clients, digging through the internet to find some keywords that would help them get a better search engine position (actually where there’s over 1,000 people searching and they could almost OWN that position), I also discovered several other websites that had targeted keywords where there is ZERO, ZIP, NO TRAFFIC at all.

The key here is that I found LOTS of people to help. If I called them up with s aales pitch I wouldn’t get past the first word. But, instead, I sent them an offer . . . that I would show them why they aren’t getting any traffic nor calls from their website. Id’ hold nothing back.

Holding something back, is a salesmen’s tactic, and I’d sound like a salesman. But, I’m there to help, truly help. Nothing will be held back. In fact, here’s another hint that makes this work so well.

The more you give, the more they recognize how valuable you are and how much more they could get from you . . . if they only hired you right away.

That’s not to say that some won’t take advantage and keep asking for more and more without paying. That will happen. But the key here is that the more you give the more you will get. Don’t hold back because some ONE or TWO people will take advantage.

I will challenge you, however, that if you find that you are giving with no return at all, that you are still doing it wrong, and need to make a change.

Want help? Give me a call, 816-415-8878, and let’s talk about how to get your marketing, any kind, internet or otherwise kicked up by several notches. There are clients EVERYWHERE.

Marketing Message – What You Say and How You Say It

Just finding enough people to help will be a HUGE step forward. But the next thing is what you say and how you say it, your marketing message.


  • who to say it to, and when, where, and how
  • What to say that is so compelling that they can’t resist . . .
      •  A Good marketing message will turn your marketing from you having to chase people down to a totally different picture . . . them CHASING You

What have you been saying when someone asks you “What do you do?”

Do you say “I am a __________[fill in your own label]”?

People do not buy labels. There is no compelling reason to CHASE a label.

But there is a compelling reason for them to go chase after something that has a very compelling and very valuable picture of something they can’t live without.  So, your marketing message must lay something at their feet that is SOOO compelling, SOOO attention getting that they couldn’t walk away . . . they’d have to call or do whatever you wanted them to do to get to know you.

If you were talking with someone who has been told that they are very likely to die from cancer, and you gave them one of two marketing messages:

  • I sell Methatropolus importicu


  • Would you like to hear how quickly we saved my last cancer client?

You see, one of the problems that most small business owners have when trying to market their products or services, is that they want to talk about themselves, or their product rather than about the results that matter to their prospect. It’s what you say, and how you say it in your marketing message. Are you talking to them about what matters to them?

If you are a salesman, what does “I am a salesman” mean to anyone? As opposed to “I work with small business owners who just can’t get many clients . . . and I turn them into client multiplying machines that produce $100’s of thousands of dollars for them within months.”

Once you get a message that GRABS them like that, that gets their ATTENTION, you’ve found someone who NEEDS your help. Position that message right and they will be chasing after you. Do it wrong, and you’ll be chasing and chasing and chasing them scaring them off.

Back to that cancer message. If you OFFERED to help enough of them wouldn’t you have more people than you could possibly handle, all lined up begging for what you have? I realize that you might not have something as valuable as the cure for cancer, but it’s all in how you position yourself. There are people out there who’d love to have what you sell.

Wouldn’t you like to have people CHASING you?

And, back to that “find enough people to help”, give me a call (816-415-8878), I WILL help you develop that marketing message and develop clients to that level.

Alan Boyer

$100K Coach

Shortcuts to your first $100K (and many more) within a couple of months

2 Responses to Clients, Clients Everywhere and Not One That I Can Lay My Hands On!

  • Great points Alan and I agree. What may also be considered is if the salesperson is lazy none of your great advice will work. Over at they just released the stats on the last 100 articles in a 100 days challenge. Less than 10% of those who committed to the goal actually achieved it. This is pretty consistent with 10% of the salespeople earn 90% of the sales.

  • Alan Boyer says:

    You are right Leanne.

    How someone actually responds depends on a couple of things. What they do? And what they believe about themselves and what they deliver?

    Some will put out SOME effort . . . until they’ve done just about as much as they believe is necessary.

    While others who believe they are super performers in everything they do, will look beyond what it takes to become an average performer, or what others around them are doing. And they will find ways to become the top performer.

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