Business Cards That Bring You Lots More Business for Weeks After They Are Handed Out

Want to know how to make a business card literally COMPEL someone to call you?

Does your business card look something like this?


Tell me something. Do you use your business card to

  • Just tell someone how to contact you IF they’d decide to?
  • Or, does it help someone decide that they SHOULD call you?
  • If someone picked up your card in a day, a week, a month, would they even know what you do, or more specifically WHY they should call you?

If your business card looks like the one above, it’s missing those last two points.

You’ve probably spent lots of money building a nice looking brochure that you pass out to potential prospects, or when someone asks for more information. However, what about your business card?

I know that I keep picking up business cards from my desk wondering, “Now, who was that, and what do they do?”

Let’s say that after you’ve handed your card to someone it’s laying on their desk a few days, or even weeks later. What do you think this tells the guy that finds it about you?

Can he tell what you do,  or what he’d get from you if he called you?

Are you giving him ANY reason to call you? You have given him your contact information, but no reason to call.

Your business card should be a mini brochure so when anyone comes across it a few days, weeks, or even years later there is a REASON to call you.

Don’t rely on your company name, or your logo to tell him anything.

A message right at the top that stands out (it should get attention for the kind of results you provide, and your name is secondary. he’ll only want to call you AFTEr he knows why he should call you.

Have you developed a POWERFUL marketing message?

Check out “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” that will show you how to develop one of the most powerful marketing messages and results you’ve ever experienced. You can use that marketing message in your business card, your brochure, your website, speech, 30 second networking elevator speech while watching those that see it or hear it literally jump into your shopping cart.


To Your Business Success

Alan Boyer

$100K Small Business Coach

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